WordPress forms enhancements

Hey guys, I’m working on a video demonstrating the WordPress forms capabilities in Pinegrow, and I had a few enhancements/ideas that I want to share while they are fresh in my mind. You know, for when you are bored and looking for something to do! None of these are critical at all, but they might make the Forms action a bit more powerful for people who just need something basic.

  • Option to send a copy of the form to a recipient based on a field (e.g., look at the email field in a contact form and send the form to that person in addition to the admin email address defined in the action)
  • Allow us to customize the message body without monkeying with the PHP files. A basic text box that allowed us to use HTML and variables for the form fields would go a long way!
  • Allow us to use form fields as variables in the email subject line, success message, and error message.
  • Implement ReCaptcha v3

In no way should Pinegrow try to replace forms plugins with all their crazy capabilities, but 70% of the time, simple forms like the ones in the Smart Action are just what we need. With these few small additions, they could probably handle 80%-90% of our needs and could be a real selling point for Pinegrow.


I thought something similar when first trying the forms, but now I think completely different. But probably I’m using them a bit different.

What I’m doing is the following. I don’t tick email or post creation but use the function instead. I’ve registered a PHP function which handles all of my forms.

There i have access to the wp_mail() function which allows me to do anything with it.

My default form is now GDPR compliant with features like double-opt-in out of the box. I have a MB Settings page where I can control stuff like mail-bodies, subjects and so on. I think the possibilities with the callback function are endless if youre not afraid to touch a few lines of PHP, of course there could be more “built-in” but if you want to do everything correctly in terms of GDPR you would need to either create more functionality using the callback function or use a forms plugin anyway. So I’m not sure if more features here would really help tbh.

Just my thoughts about it! :wink:

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That’s it exactly. New users, and particularly users that’ll be attracted to the WP plugin would be put off by doing that. The reason for my feature request was to do a tiny bit of work upfront to handle the 80% of use cases for a basic email-based contact form. Addressing it now will only help alleviate support issues and reduce friction for new & beginner users.