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I’m using the form smart action, which is great, but I have one small issue.
When receiving a new email, the sender is the WordPress admin email and not the email address inputted in the form itself by the visitor of the website.

How can I change that ?

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This is the typical behavior for most WP forms, and you generally need to customize the settings to tell it to send from a different address or name. In fact, it’s probably a bad idea to change the sender address because of DKIM / email authentication issues since your mailer won’t be authorized to send as the submitter’s domain.

A better option would be to send from a domain that you can authenticate but have the form put the sender’s name in the reply-to field. Pinegrow doesn’t have the ability to change those fields inside the builder, though, so you’d have to use the pg_form_email() WordPress filter.

Hey, I have to ask a quite silly question: Since there is no standard form block for Wordpress in Gutenberg anymore, there is no native form support build in WP anymore, am I right? I need to use a plugin or a script I wrote myself to build a working mail form?

Check this out: Create Simple Forms with the Pinegrow Web Editor - YouTube


Interesting. Thank you very much!

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply, great YouTube channel BTW.

Would you have any links with tutorials that explain how to add a “Reply-to” additional header with the pg_form_email() WordPress filter ?

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Thanks, @Takuya! I haven’t dug into it yet and I don’t know if any tutorials that do. I’m going to tag @Wolfgang in since I seem to remember that he has some pretty sophisticated form logic they he uses.

Hi @adamslowe - thanks for tagging, but I’m probably the wrong one @Wolfgang - because with pretty sophisticated form logic I rather have question marks in my head…
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Whoops, sorry about that. It was @Wolfgang.Hartl that I saw posting a few things about forms a few months ago.

Hey there, it’s not very often that there are more than one Wolfgang’s out there, but I’m always glad to see some name-buddies :wink:

Ehm to be honest most of the time I’m using the WordPress Rest API to send my mails. I found that to be the easiest solution. There you could do anything you want to do with PHP.

I guess that’s not exactly what you’re looking for but maybe it you didn’t think about sending mails via rest API yet! :wink:


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