Change from Serif Webplus design

I have been using Serif Webplus to design and build 6 different websites for about 10 years. Now I am trying to learn to use Pinegrow to create new reactive pages; it’s a huge learning curve to master!

Can I change one page at a time? I have a hosting account which uses c-Panel, so can I upload a new Pinegrow index page which will link to the other pages already there?

Hi @beckysquire, welcome to Pinegrow. True, there is a significant learning curve, but as you suggest, you can use Pinegrow to tweak your existing pages one by one. Pinegrow works with standard HTML files, so it doesn’t matter where those files came from.

And you can add a page and link to any existing page on your website from there with standard HTML link elements.

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I knew it! Thank you, I think my panic has been allayed and I can take time to get to know Pinegrow and basic programming at my leisure!


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