Changes made in edit code window doesn't save

Changes made in edit code window doesn’t not save when there are errors in HTML.

When the the program detects an error in your HTML, you should see a yellow warning notice below the code editor window that states: The code has syntax errors. Changes have not been applied to the page. And there is a button that says “Apply changes.” If you click this button a confirmation dialog will pop up explaining that the error can have detrimental effects, and are you sure you wish to apply the changes. If you click proceed, and then save the HTML file, it should save with the error intact. It did on my system.

Although, I can’t understand WHY you’d want to save code with an error in it?

Thanks, I’ll try.

Sometimes I want to be sure that my changes will not disappear, even if they contain errors.

This absolutely makes no sense there must be a way to disable this annoyance.