Html code disapear after edit

in version 5.92 there is a bug.

When I edit a DIV with some SPANs, the Webeditor is deleting some code, after saving.
In version 5.91 and before it is ok.

And it only happens, when die file is a “.php”
With the extension “.html” it works fine.

Thanks for the report @icos! I’ll take a look. My first guess is that spans with content containing “/” somehow get misinterpreted by our parser.

@icos can you please send your project to support [at] pinegrow [dot] com? Also, are you using Atom or VSC integration with Pinegrow? Do you have some external app watching these files? Because from the video it looks like when the page is saved in PG, it triggers something and then the page is modified & reloaded in PG.

I’m having this same issue but in the HTML not php.
When I trying to make some small code edits they disappear when the document is saved.
The item still appears in the tree but is no longer visible in the code.
Only discovered this issue yesterday and so far my only work around is to edit the html in Dreamweaver or any other editor, save it, then reopen in PG where it show the edits correctly.

It may help to know that the code edits I’m making are to a hover overlay effect on slick slider.

I have the “Visual Studio Code” with the plugin to connect to Pinegrow, and Netbeans.
For the next test I stopped all the other programs. So no connection.

I made a complete new project.
then copied the nested code and save.
The code is normal.
After reloading the index.php file, the code changed.

This happens also in the older versions until 5.5
The code is changed after reloading.
Only in v5.92 it is changing while saving.

I sent the project to your support-mail

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Thanks @icos and @typecreative! We found and fixed the issue. We’ll release the update in the next few days.


I also have experienced problems but when editing php files in atom, When I change the code and hit safe it will reload and be reverted to previous code like code I first created but without doing a safe so I close the file without saving, then I see the changed code when reopening the file again, but this is happening every time.