Edits in the "Element code" tab do not survive file save and reload

In the “Element code” tab, which has the “</>” icon, I see errors designated by a red dot with a white x in it. In this tab I corrected the error and saved the file. But when I reload the file the error is still there. The correction I made did not survive saving and reloading the file.

Why does it allow me to edit the HTML tags in this tab, yet the edits do not persist? Is this a bug?

This is in Pinegrow version 3.03

Make sure you are not in another spawned tab. I do not know why but sometimes Pinegrow spawns a new tab for the code editor and changes you make are not impacting the visual representation of the site in Pinegrow. Took me awhile to find out why my changes were not showing up and my saves did not reflect what I just changed. Look at the code editor window and see if there are not alternate versions or other code editor tabs open. If so close the one you are in and go to the farthest left code editor. This should be the current code for what is displaying on the screen, close the others if there are any.

Thanks for that @Terry44, good feedback. I had that before and thought I’d gone code blind! I will check that out next time.