Disappointed from pinegrow

I have paid now two times and never used longer than ten minutes. Today i start it again and found out that i should pay again to use it with tailwind. The templates given are still for tailwind 2.0. When i use the newest foundation the program recognize foundation 5.5. Makes no fun at all, i will try to find something else now, sorry.

Hello @JosefQualtinger ,

I have paid now two times and never used longer than ten minutes.

I understand your disappointment, but blaming us for the fact that you didn’t use the app seems like a somewhat extreme criterion for disappointment. Let’s try to find solutions together that will make you want to use it regularly.

Today i start it again and found out that i should pay again to use it with tailwind.

Indeed, the Tailwind editor is a paid option.
We explain this topic in detail in our FAQ

The templates given are still for tailwind 2.0

Not exactly. The templates use version 2 by default but if you activate the Design panel, it is version 3.0.12 of TailwindCSS that is activated.

When i use the newest foundation the program recognize foundation 5.5

To date, the latest version of Foundation that we support is Foundation 6.6.3.
However, I do not exclude the possibility of a problem of version recognition when opening a project. Could you please send us the project whose version is wrongly detected?


Thank you for answering. We may starts somewhere else, please?

I have added a new project for foundation. I have added the files from foundation in /css and /js.
Please tell me:

  1. Which is the normal way to set the directories?
  2. Will pinegrow care for the things i normaly do with gulp? Minify and co?
  3. Lets say i have a div with a class of foundation, but i want to have the background in red.
    What will pinegrow do with this information? Add a style=“bgcolor=red” or add a changed class to my style.css?

At the moment i am really confused what to do. With foundation i have worked a long time ago. Will pinegrow care for minify and co? Or is it nededed to set up all the gulp things again?
There are less snippets/sections. The blocks from zurb are not loaded. (maybe firwall, yes)

Tailwind seems to have 500 from the tailwindui and 1000 from other companies. For tailwind i have to pay again, ok. How pinegrow will care for minify & Co?

And what’s about bulma?

BTW: Is there a tool for my pictures? Just add one and get them back in three sizes for example? I have these things in PSD many years, but in 2022 there should be other solutions?

Finally i need a program that cares for such things. Care for the final .css and care for the pictures to have them for different resolutions.

Here is the standard structure of a Foundation 6.6 project using the most standard template in Pinegrow.

Pinegrow offers a series of templates from the documents offered by Zurb.
We do not include any other automation, gulp, minification or other options.(and it’s the same for TailwindCSS and Bootstrap).

Pinegrow simply provides a visual interface that allows you to manipulate the standard CSS properties of Foundations for Sites.

Still, Pinegrow deal with standard files (HTML, CSS and so on) so you are totally free to ALSO use external tools for features that are not available in our application.

Update: Pinegrow does not include a crop/resize/compress and so on image manipulation tool.

Thank you, looks different than before, when we had assets and stuff.
But anyway i remember now why i have stopped using foundation.
It is not possible to install it without problems using the docs from zurb.
I have to mix npm and yarn and finally i have no working result.

I tried the same with tailwind and everything was fine. But did you ever try to find and easy navigation for that css-system? I found code hundreds of lines long.

At the moment i use vscodium and pinegrow parallel; it seems that the editor dont do what vscode is doing with my source-code?

Finally i have to install foundation in WSL, use vs codium as editor and pinegrow as my server. :slight_smile:
And that’s only the start, while i have to move the results to the next system doing the needed static pages. Unbelievable.

@JosefQualtinger Hi. I’ve just read through your posts here and I’ve got to say that I don’t think Pinegrow is the problem here. You want something that will work with Gulp, Minify & Co., Bulma, edit pictures (make three versions from one size), care for .css and for pictures (whatever this means). You don’t need to “install” Foundation to work with it in Pinegrow so I don’t know why you are referring to npm and yarn. You ask about easy navigation of css-system because you found hundreds of lines of code! Of course there’s hundred of lines of code - Foundation is a serious framework that takes lots of layouts and elements into account and hundreds of lines of code is unavoidable. This isn’t something Pinegrow is responsible for and there is no point in complaining about it here. I’m not sure you appreciate the role of visual builders in a workflow Honestly I just don’t get what you’re talking about. Pinegrow does a great job of making changes to the css, select an element on the page and change it using the Style or Properties panels. It strikes me that you issue is less to do with Pinegrow and more to do with your understanding of how to include it as part of your process. You joined the forum 4 days ago and stated here that you’ve tried using it but didn’t use it for longer than 10 minutes! Have you looked at the documentation or followed any of the tutorials/courses. Have you asked for help here on the forum? Members here are generally very helpful especially when someone is trying to learn and provide a reasonable description of the problem they are struggling with, you should try it, but remember this is forum is focussed on Pinegrow and the answer to non Pinegrow issues might have to wait for someone with experience with Gulp, etc to answer.