Coming next week - Pinegrow 7 & Pinegrow WP Plugin


We are working on two major new releases: Pinegrow 7 and Pinegrow WordPress plugin.

The plan was to release both of them this week, but a combination of technical issues delayed us a bit and pushed the releases to the next week.

Normally, we prefer to surprise you with new releases and do not announce details in advance. In this case, it’s helpful to talk about what’s coming out soon, so that you can include Pinegrow in your Black Friday budget :wink:

Pinegrow 7

The major Pinegrow Web Editor update is bringing:

  • Device size tabs in Visual CSS editor for simplified responsive styling.
  • Previewing class-based Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS properties while hovering over values in visual controls, both in the Properties panel and in the Floating tools.
  • New dashboard with built-in interactive tutorials. We’ll start with “What’s new in Pinegrow 7” and then gradually cover the rest of Pinegrow’s features.
  • The new Insert menu in the top bar lets you quickly add HTML elements, components and images to the page.
  • Live media matching in Pinegrow Interactions lets you fluidly switch between small and large screens animations without having to reload the page.
  • Mac M1/M2 native build that makes Pinegrow fly on new(er) Macs.
  • Updating the embedded Chromium browser, SASS engine, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap and Pinegrow Interactions to their latest versions.
  • And many other improvements.

The price of new licenses, renewals and add-ons will stay the same.

Pinegrow WordPress Plugin

This is Pinegrow Web Editor, packaged as a WordPress plugin that you install directly on a WordPress site and use it to create custom Gutenberg blocks or whole themes.

It’s your own, self hosted Pinegrow in the browser!

Pinegrow Plugin was recently featured in a WPTavern Podcast with Adam Lowe where he and Nathan gave an unbiased overview of what the plugin is and how it can be used. Please listen to the podcast (or read the transcript) to learn more about the plugin.


  • A free version will let you create simple custom blocks, without sub-blocks and without Interactions, themes and project import / export.
  • Single site license will cost $49 / year.
  • Unlimited sites license will be $199 / year.
  • You will get further 35% off from these prices, under the current sale.
  • Existing users of Pinegrow and Pinegrow Theme Converter will get a coupon for 50% discount (not combinable with the sale discount).

We will extend the Thanksgiving sale until both products are out.


Really looking forward to the update and WP plugin. Will the 50% discount for PG users count every year?

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@sitestreet yes it will.


This is great news. The plugin comes at just the right time. I will definitely use Wordpress now as it is the most future proof.


I am really uncertain on how something like this will perform on the web. Especially if you consider less then average hosting.

Without even mentioning the plugin whose activation is not mandatory when the site/theme/block is created, my question would be, why choose this type of poor quality hosting (for yourself and your customers) when there are so many serious and efficient hosting providers on which running a WordPress site is not a joke?

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Check out Adam’s video and you’ll see it performs just like the locally run program.

As @Emmanuel and @sitestreet said, performance is not an issue. In fact, the sites you create with Pinegrow will likely run better than they do with page builders since you are creating native PHP themes and React blocks.

As for the builder, it’s all Node.js and works very quickly once it’s downloaded the first time and cached. I can hardly tell the difference between the desktop and plugin performance-wise.


just real ask, i want know Pinegrow WP plugin can do like “build/creating page inside wordpress use default Gutenberg or block editor then export to pinegrow web editor” ? because when i see all video from @adamslowe event using tailwind it’s like just "creating inside pinegrow web editor then export to wordress theme/plugin

i just want know this feature have support both wp and web editor so im as dev can work inside wp and web editor it self

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I purchased annual Pinegrow subscription a few day ago as a result of that interview so massive thanks to Adam for sharing.
What are the advances of the Wordpress plugin over the desktop version? I like the idea of producing third party plugins that can be exported anywhere and also the potential of using tailwind css (have never used tailwind btw, but it’s on my list of things to learn!)

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@Hannah I’m releasing a video later today on just that topic :slight_smile:

Here is my YouTube channel. and the Pinegrow Playlist

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Thank you, I’ll definitely check it out. I’m subscribed anyway :+1:t5:


Awesome work on Pinegrow 7, thanks @matjaz and Team! The changelog is reading like Christmas has come earlier this year! :wink: ,:confetti_ball::confetti_ball:


Thanks @Wolfgang.Hartl :slight_smile:


PineGrow Email Spammed?
Just an FYI - I’ve been getting very official looking email announcements for the WP/7.3 upgrade, but they are coming from “” which our IT is flagging as an address to be quarantined.

After a bit of googling I’m pretty sure that dripemail2 is just a legit bulk mailer, but maybe Matjaz and company can come up with a better mail domain. I’d hate for PG to get on an email blacklist.

yes dripemail rings a bell for thier stuff. Ill just check now…

well, hang on… just putting some more coal in my old mac , to power the steam turbine to fire up Thunderbird…

mmm no , I cant find anything now!
my recent 7.0.4 email comes from

but I’m sure Ive seen dripemail stuff in the past, but now can find nothing.

They all look about like this:

And some that have both addresses:
Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 1.02.59 PM

Yep, that’s legit. DripEmail is a mass-mailing system like Mailchimp and it’s what they use for their mailings:

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 21.55.23

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Ive sniffed about anf yep.Thunderbird now shows it as coming from
but if I check the message header, yep, Dripemail appears.

I think it used to appear as that a bit simpler before, but yes, thats where its from.

and creepy, tedious message header stuff…

@sitestreet’s version was much simpler…

Thanks for going down the rabbit hole!