Pinegrow WP Plugin is HERE ❤️🌲

Hi, Matjaz from Pinegrow here.

(If you are not interested in building projects for WordPress, read on - Pinegrow WordPress Plugin is NOT just about WordPress)

It took us a while, but Pinegrow WordPress Plugin is finally here.

What is Pinegrow plugin and how can you use it?

The plugin brings the power of Pinegrow editor directly to your WordPress site, letting you:

  1. Create custom Gutenberg blocks for any WordPress site.
  2. Build whole WordPress themes.
  3. Have a self-hosted visual web editor for building HTML & CSS projects in the browser, similar to Pinegrow Online.

With (1) and (2) you are using Pinegrow to build projects for WordPress, and with (3) WordPress is just a backend for hosting the editor.

Plugins and themes created with Pinegrow do not require Pinegrow to run.

Free and PRO editions

Pinegrow plugin is available in two editions: free and PRO.

The free edition is suitable for creating simple Gutenberg blocks for existing WordPress sites.

The PRO edition brings the full power of Pinegrow to your browser, including: building whole themes, blocks with sub-blocks, WooCommerce, GreenSock powered Interactions and the ability to import and export projects. Plus you get email support from our team.


The PRO edition is available with two yearly subscription plans:

  • Single site license that lets you use Pinegrow on one site at a time (you need to deactivate the license on one site to use it on another). Regular price is USD 49 / year.
  • Unlimited sites license lets you use Pinegrow on all your sites (including your client sites). Regular price is USD 199 / year.

If you cancel the subscription you will not be able to use Pinegrow plugin any more, but all your exported plugins and themes will continue to work.

Get Pinegrow WP Plugin »

How to get started with the Pinegrow plugin?

  1. Download the plugin and install it on your WordPress site. The best is to start using it on one of your development sites.

  2. Activate the PRO edition by entering your license details or keep using the free edition.

  3. Do the interactive Build Your First Block tutorial available from the Pinegrow dashboard inside WordPress dashboard to learn how to use the Pinegrow interface, create the HTML structure of the block, style it with CSS and then turn it into a fully editable React-based Gutenberg block with custom sub-blocks.


In about an hour you will know enough to be able to create custom blocks for any WordPress site, assuming that you have some prior knowledge of HTML and CSS. This tutorial alone is worth the price of the license!

How to safely use the Pinegrow plugin?

One important point to keep in mind is that Pinegrow plugin is used to manipulate PHP files directly on your site. Therefore, only trusted site administrators should be allowed to use Pinegrow. Please read our guide on how to safely use the plugin to learn more.

Huge Thank You! to all beta testers

They have been testing the plugin for the past three months, reporting bugs and giving feedback that helped us to launch the polished (hopefully) 1.0.0 release!

Watch the launch chat to peek behind the scenes

Adam Lowe and I had a fun chat about the plugin launch, about the eight years of following Pinegrow’s approach to open web development and what else is in store for Pinegrow. Watch the whole chat on YouTube. We were aiming for 10 minutes but I just couldn’t stop talking :slight_smile:

Hope that you will enjoy Pinegrow WP Plugin, as much as we enjoyed making it!

Learn more & Get the plugin »

Have a great day,
Matjaz and the Pinegrow Team


What is the difference to Pinegrow Web Editor?
I have Pinegrow Web Editor - 7.03 - PRO WordPress Personal + Interactions + Tailwind
This is lifetime, the Editor works even if I dont’ purchase a further year and it is for unlimited websites.

Are the WP Plugin aind Pinegrow Webeditor 2 different products? Will there be any changes for Web Editor?

See the answer from the announcement:

May be I don’t understand “brings the editor directly to the WordPress site”.
What is with my Pinegrow We Editor (Pro WordPress +Interactions + Tailwind)? Are there any changes or can I upgrade like I did in the past and the Web Editor keeps all features and is no subscription model?

@Pepper the PG WP Plugin is a separate product. There are no changes to Pinegrow Web Editor (the desktop app), both in terms of features and payment plans.

Thank you very much :+1:

Amazing, congrats. Bought already and wanted to try, but when I export the default project I’m getting an error :frowning:

Project export failed: Unknown error

@Adryan thanks! And you get the honor of reporting the first problem :slight_smile: The plugin logs results of API calls in the Console. Do you see anything if you expand the Object statement in the console after trying to export?

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It works fine on a fresh, local install.

I’ll try with a fresh, online install.

HI @matjaz
started with the lessons building the first plugin. When I try to activate my first Plugin I get this error:

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ‘<’, expecting end of file in /home/sites/server/server0/server1/public_html/myserver/04/wp-content/plugins/pine-cone/inc/wp_pg_helpers.php on line 302

Thank you for this!!

With the new tutorials, this plugin, the latest PG, and…crap, freezing weather, I may just have to clear some desk space and start tinkering again, in between chiselling my frozen boots off the floor at my horses.}



Hi @Wolfgang, one reason could be that these resource files are not correctly loaded when the plugin starts. Please check Console for any problems loading files ending with phpdist.html, at the very start of loading the plugin and let me know.

I’m getting “the link you followed has expired. please try again” when I try to install.

What’s the best/easiest way to fix this?

Can you tell us more about the WordPress installation you are trying to install the plugin on (remote? local? etc…)? Any details are welcome.

I’m installing from my local disk to my active, hosted wp install.

Can you please provide us with some more details about your operating system, server app ? (mam,wamp, and so on ?

Hi @Emmanuel and Pinegrow staff,

Congratulations with the new plugin!

Just wonder when reading the information about the use of the plugin:

You can use your Pinegrow PRO license only on websites owned and operated by you, as well as client websites operated by you.

So when you make a website for a client that wants to maintain their WordPress site (them self’s) they have to buy a separate license.

To me It makes no sense then to purchase the Unlimited version, because that is only usable by users that build unlimited sites for them self’s. (wonder who that is!)

I mean If I have to build a site that has to be maintained with content by my agency for a client I would never chose for a dynamic website anyway.

So maybe an idea to look at that rule again, because that makes not much sense!


Mac OS 12.6, Not sure what else to say. I’m accessing my wp dashboard through Chrome (08.0.5359.124), so no separate server app.

WP install 6.1.1

Thanks @AllMediaLab!

“Operated” here refers to using PG plugin features of being responsible for the development of the site, and maintenance from that perspective - not content editing.

My logic goes like this:

a) If maintain means “editing the content” and you are still responsible for developing the site (even if there is no active work) then there is no need for them to get a license.

b) If maintain means that they use PG plugin to build new blocks, change the theme and so on - and you are no longer involved in the project - then it makes sense that they have their own license.

Does this make sense?

Note, that these limitations mostly have to do with closing loopholes that could be exploited by an non-honest actor: imagine a company selling some kind of product and bundling PG plugin in there, saying they own the license for unlimited sites.