Components from master page

Hi Guys,

Have site that am using components and have a master page which has the components defined on and there is a little blue icon in the files tab beside the name of the file - this is normal

I have created several pages from the master by “save as” and altered them as required however on two of these I am getting the blue icon that tells me that components are defined on this page which to me is not the case

Can any one shed light on this and tell me how to be rid of the icon - everything is working correctly however the icon should not be there?

Thanks in advance

Hey, could you upload a screenshot? There is also an icon which shows, that components are used on a subpage (blue unfilled border).


I have worked around this by recreating the page so can’t screen shot it - sorry

Essentially instead of just having the blue icon it had the white as well - which it should not have had once the components were created - none of my other projects had this

Not a real issue but was just wondering what it was about

Maybe Emanuel can chime in on this


Regrettably, it will be challenging for me to assess whether the situation was typical or not without access to the project. :frowning:

In such circumstances, feel free to create a duplicate of your project using the system’s file manager, compress it into a ZIP file, and share it with us through a link on Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other preferred file-sharing service. This way, we can examine the situation and potentially offer the most suitable solution.

Hi Emanuel

Thanks for the reply.

Won’t do anything right now but next time it happens I will send files

Regards Bruce

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