Components props edit in vuedesigner

Hello to everyone. Is it possible to edit props of component from properties panel?
If it YES, then HOW?
when I am trying to edit “msg” prop for “HelloWorld” component from default plain vue generated project, it erase whole input field for that prop, does not allow me to type anything in it, and yelling on me that prop “msg” is required :frowning:

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Oh, I guess, I figured it out:
you can edit component props from “ATTRIBUTE EDITOR HTML”
that is a bit confusing, but ok. “PROPERTIES” panel is not for editing then, but just for reference, to see what props are available, I guess…

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Hi @vitb,

Thanks for your report. We confirm there is a minor bug with the Props panel, we just fixed it and the update will be out in the next few days.

Props panel is definitely for updating & passing prop-values to child components. It is quite interactive.

Until the next release, request you to kindly use the attributes editor to edit props. Attributes editor represents all the attributes - props, classes, directives etc, and its there to show everything together in a single place for direct editing.


Hi @vitb,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Vue Designer v1.1 is now available and includes the fix for this props edit issue.

Please check it out, and let us know if you face any other issues.