Custom blocks vs custom fields such as ACF and Metabox

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I’m planning on using Pinegrow blocks and query them using Graphql in Builderius on the front end. Someone said so me that I was better off using Metabox ACF instead of using blocks. In my mind, if I choose WP blocks or custom fields, the purpose is solely to manage the content on each post/page. It’ll just be for holding text and images.

Can I ask, if anyone can suggest reasons for going for custom fields over WP Blocks please.

I guess it begs the question of why you are using blocks if you are just going to display the data via graphql? If the only reason you are making the block is to store information, then it probably makes more sense to use custom fields. If you plan to use blocks to show the information, then that’s a different conversation.

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I’m looking to move away from metabox and i’m hoping pg could be the solution. The main driver is reducing my dependencies on third party software.

Pinegrow may have another solution that i haven’t considered.

Can Pinegrow be used to store the infomation?

Are you saying that you want Pinegrow to create custom fields and post types the way meta box does? If that’s the case, then I think Pinegrow might not be the right tool for the job. In simple terms, Pinegrow is just a UI for core WordPress functions, and WordPress doesn’t have a good way to programmatically create custom fields the way ACF and Meta Box do.

I just wanted to double check.

Say I wanted to created a hero section. It incldues a text for the heading and paragraph. Also an image for the background image.

I would do the same for other sections.

I query these fields from the backend.

I wouldn’t need any other the features of Metabox, i.e. setting page, conditional logic, just the data.

Would you know what blocks has over custom fields. It’ll help me to make an informed decison. If there’s any other infomation that I can provide to help.

If you are querying data via graphql, then blocks don’t have any advantage over custom fields. In fact, they may even be disadvantageous.

The real power of blocks is that they act as standalone “components” that hold data (content), structure (html), style (css), and actions (JS) all in a single reusable package. From what I’m hearing, you are just looking for something to store data to be retrieved and displayed via graphql. While technically possible with blocks, it’s the wrong tool for the job.

Many thanks for your candor. I did see on the documenation that it was possible to create custom fields within Pinegrow but PG do recommend using tools like ACF.

I do apprecate that it’ll be better to stick with Metabox based on my use case.

Nope, not creation but display.

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Ok, thanks for letting me know.

If at anytime in the future you consider having your own way to create custom fields, I’ll be really interested. I understand that you have no immediate plans but if you did, it’ll reduce the reliance on third party tools. Also you could package it as an addon, extra profit for you. I can use online custom field generators and they may do the job but at this stage I true Pinegrow more.