Is Pinegrow going to work for me

I wonder if Pinegrow will be a viable solution for me.

Our company WordPress website is on a stack for the templates. The website also has Bootstrap, and we have

I would like to use Pinegrow for WordPress independently from the roots .io theme: will use Pinegrow exclusively for developing block layouts & also developing Guttenberg blocks with Metabox & Tailwind.

Is Pinegrow a viable solution in this situation particularly with MetaBox?

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I don’t know your specific requirements, but I use it with metabox all the time and it works great.

Here is a quick video I made showing how Pinegrow can read nearly any custom field.

We also used to make our custom themes using Sage and Bedrock. Pinegrow has replaced that entirely. Of course, you may have other requirements that we don’t have or haven’t considered, so it’s worth doing a Pilot project or two to fully test things out.

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cheers @adamslowe,

Yes, to start with I plan to keep the theme as the Sage and Bedrock and use Pinegrow independently of that theme to build layout blocks etc.

Video is great, I believe this should give me some exposure before re-theming.


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Yes, but I would use PG in the Plugin Generator mode. You can create g-blocks and then add them to your WP project as a plugin. PG will not be able to (easily) work directly with the root boiler plates b/c it’s not designed to edit PHP themes. Rather PG for WP is used to create HTML designs and convert them to WP themes (so HTML to WP theme but not WP Theme(PHP versions of theme) editing).