Custom properties (color vars) doesn't setup in frontend

Hi again,
I have passed a color to a text and background as a custom property like var(–primary).
In the preview this is also displayed correctly.
But when I export the block afterwards, even re-integrate it into a page, the color is not applied.
In the source code you can see that the variable was not set.
Is there anything else I need to consider with custom properties or is this a bug?


@Jugibur Are you working on a new project here or are you working through and experimenting with the Project that is used by the tutorials?

The latter, but is there a difference? I thought I had already exported a full block in the tutorial.

It sounds as if you may have missed something.
I went through the tutorial earlier today and everything did work as it should,

I’ve just finally shut down my machine for the day but will look through the whole thing again in the morning just in case there is a step that is not as clear as it ought to be.

@Jugibur I can see that something isn’t right but as yet I don’t know what. I need to do some more experimentation to determine that it’s not something I’m doing that’s incorrect.

I can get this to work using Tailwind but not Bootstrap. Obviously this involves creating a new project. Still can’t be sure whether this is down to something that I’m doing (or not doing) or if it is actually a bug.