Bootstrap Element Properties: How to show customized colors?

I am new to Pinegrow and have started with a Bootstrap 4 Project. I wanted to use custom theme-colors so I changed some colors like the primary color following this tutorial: Customize Bootstrap 4 themes.

This works fine but the issue for me is that I do not see the changes made reflected in the Element Properties for specific bootstrap element like navbar and so on. The Element Properties Tab in Pinegrow still shows the initial theme-colors, even though I changed the primary color to violet. This is what I see in Pinegrow:

Is there any way to adjust the color panel for bootstrap element properties to reflect the customized bootstrap theme?

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Right now, the buttons are assigned a fixed color that isn’t impacted by changes to your style sheet. No real way to do it as the code base is right now. You can request it as a new feature.

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@RobM: Thanks for the reply. I will make this a feature request then.