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Customizer section and Define page template not working while using both? Bug?


I have a problem when i use both define page template and customizer section.
What i did is define a custom contact page and i want to use customizer section on that contact page.
However when i use both the customizer section does not show in wp admin panel.

I added the define page template on top and i use the add customizer section on the site content.

I am pretty sure this used to work , i think i have done it this way a while ago.
Am using the latest 4 version since there is a refresh bug in the 5 version.


Hi @beatngu, Sorry, not a helpful reply for you here, but could you tell me what the refresh bug is, or where I can find more info on it? I also have V4 installed, just in case I hit that bug too, so I can see what it is.
Cheers, and I hope someone gets back to you soon with info for you on your issue.

And happy new year :slight_smile:


If you are using v4 then everything should work fine.
I downgraded from version 5 to 4 because there is a annoying refresh bug on the activate wordpress window.
Each time you navigate away from the window the information is deleted and you have to reactivate wordpress on that page.

Its a bug but not really a bug because it does not delete the wordpress markup on the page only the info in the wordpress activate window, but its very annoying so using v4 untill they update version 5.