Customizer options

Hi I have a question regarding

  1. active_callback. Now it only works to is “is_front_page” I can’t find a way for instance to use “is_single” Because all customizers are displayed on front page since I can’t add an option to only show when on single template page. Here is an example:

  2. And one other thing there isn’t an option for showing a indicator what is possible to edit like the blue pencil icon for showing the items/elements that are editable.

  3. There is missing or an easy way to set to use live update when changing text without refreshing page, so when you type it will update instantly. Here is the same example as above:
    I think is the following setting: ‘transport’ => ‘’

  4. Also when adding <?php ?> to the .css file it gives errors. E.G. body { background: #<?php echo get_theme_mod('background_color', '#43C6E4'); ?>; }

These are a few settings that need to be in Pinegrow in my opinion to make less manual php codes and being able to add in Pinegrow without getting errors all the time. Now I have to edit all php files in external editor to not getting errors in the app, maybe that is the way to go?