Pinegrow WP: Summer Poll

Here is a quick summer poll.

In order to improve your productivity at developing/releasing WordPress themes:

  1. What are the features / helpers / tweaks you would like to find in a future release of Pinegrow WP?
  2. What do you miss the most?
  3. What is your main difficulty when dealing with WP theme creation with Pinegrow WP?

Thanks for your help, comments, feeedback :slight_smile:

Hi. I’m on the road and got a minute to check in on PG Slack team and spotted you’re poll + the url, nice one. I’ll answer properly when I get a chance later this evening.

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Ah, the feedback desert. Here’s my drop of water for what it’s worth.

Previously if I edited style.css (or any html etc.) in brackets (my pref editor) - Pinegrow automatically updated pages. Now it not only doesn’t update, it doesn’t even seem to recognise changes. Is this feature dead, because I found it really helpful.
Now whenever I copy something a pop-up shows previous clipboard content. I never use this feature, but now have to close this annoying window every time. Can we have a ‘don’t show’ option.

I’d like slightly finer control of custom post types (like if they support publicize, their icon etc.)

Huge project, but some form of ‘widget builder’ maybe as an add-on?
I love that PG makes a GUI out of all the hooks etc. I’d love to be able to build widgets this way.

My biggest struggle is with the loop and CPTs. Some way of using custom loops/custom archive pages which cascade their hierarchy to child posts (so child category posts use same template). Using a custom loop often makes all my posts disappear or other erratic behaviour. I’d really like a clearer understanding / solid tutorial / easier method for custom loops.

Great app though - thanks :slight_smile:

It would be really great to be able to see all of the JavaScript that affects an element, in the same way that one can see all of the CSS which is active.

Would be great to add fields to the Wordpress Site action to store theme name, author, URL, etc. which goes into the style.css file comments so it’s easy to set and forget and also tweak the version number.

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Another useful feature would be to have the option of either putting the wordpress core css into the style.css file or create another css file and include it in the stylesheets list.

And a really big request, and one which I know is a big ask, is to have a framework for generating PHP code for integrating with MySQL much like Dreamweaver does. I am desperate to ditch Dreamweaver completely but still use it for custom coding because it writes all the PHP so well and quickly for things like recordsets, insert record, update record, delete record, authenticate login, etc.

This would catapult Pinegrow into a new sphere where it seriously takes on the big boys like Adobe.

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So let’s say you have a one-page landing page written in HTML5 that is responsive and detects mobile devices and displays accordingly.

Further your one-pager has nice interaction using .js and jquery.

Should be relatively simple to make each section of the one pager into individualised WP pages, yes?

.js and jquery should port across as they’re agnostic right?

Pinegrow can generate PHP I assume so as to integrate with WP.