Customizing bootstrap template

Yesterday I downloaded and installed the free demo of Pinegrow v6.5 to try it before I bought it. I have macOS 10.12.

I followed the instructions on this page to customize the boostrap 5 template I bought last week:

I’m stuck at this step:
“Open a page from your project and select “Page → Customize & update Bootstrap theme”.”

I don’t have that option in my drop down menu:

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @melissa,
Are you sure that you have Bootstrap activated on the page? In the tutorial, a new Bootstrap 5 page is created. It seems like you are opening an existing project.

With a page open select ‘File → Manage libraries and plugins…’ You should see that the Bootstrap 5 library is activated.

If it isn’t, activate it. If it already is active, click on the ‘Resources’ link next to the library.
Let me know if this works,

Thank you. Yes, that fixed it. That step is definitely missing from the how-to page.
The documentation only has step 1 “File → Open project” and then step 2 “Page → Customize & update Bootstrap theme”.

Now the issue is that after activating the bootstrap 5 library, my template looks nothing like what it did before in terms of fonts, colors, layout. So I still have not solved my original problem of finding a bootstrap editor that will let me easily open a template and edit it both visually and in the code.

@melissa The Customize Bootstrap is a great option that is guaranteed to work with a standard Bootstrap 5 template (i.e. from the basic template you find in Pinegrow or but not necessarily a commercial (or not) template that has already been customized.

Indeed, for many reasons and choices, the structure of the templates you can find from third party designers (commercial or not) can be very different from the original structure.

A basic sign that something is wrong is that Pinegrow did not recognize a standard structure and therefore did not offer you the default option. Enabling Bootstrap did not solve the structure problem and the option does not work as expected.

Note: Sometimes a small adaptation of the commercial theme may be enough to make it work with this option, but this is a situation you can discuss with our technical support if you wish.