Does this look like a Decent WP Plugin deal to you guys?

its over on Inky deals again

and they have a 50% discount running on top of that too.
I dont know how many of those would be really useful for adding to some e commerce sites.

Advice appreciated

I see a lot of PLR plugins and the problem with those is they are never updated and they are all old.
You can find them floating around on the net for free but they are really worthless.
Or you can pay about the same price as Inky and you are able to resell the whole bundle,but as I said it’s very very old so the chances are slim that you find someone to sell them to.

Pretty much all of the things in the pack you can find under free plugins if you search on the wp plugin repository and they are updated and a lot better then anything you can find in the Inky pack.

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thanks a lot for the info @beatngu , O was figuring something like that might be the case :slight_smile:

and any other takers with feedback or better suggestions, or links to similar also fire away.