Double-Click to open Navbar Dropdowns

Mac / OS X 10.13.6 / PG v.5 / Localhost

Don’t know where else to ask/report this:

Has something been changed in PG Pro v.5 that now makes a user double-click on a navbar dropdown tab to open its dropdowns? My earlier builds require only a single click to display the dropdowns. Is there a setting in the bootstrap.min.js file that I can change to switch this back to a single click (or even a mouse-over)?

Hi Randy, Are you talking about different behaviour in the browser or inside Pinegrow…??

If it’s inside Pinegrow, it maybe has something to do with enabling “Test Clicks”. See this doc page, Section 3 - TEST CLICKS.

Thanks for your tip, Marf.
The issue was inside the browser and after many efforts to resolve, I discovered that PG Pro 5 adds an extra CDN script that causes the double-click issue. Removing:
"script type=“text/javascript” src=""></script" solves the problem.

(I placed the script in quotes so it displays here … I don’t know how to otherwise comment a script so it shows)

Good to hear that you solved the issue!

Info about using formatting on the forum (see this links)

I didn’t know all of them myself, some of them are even new for me.

As far as I know (and I have just tested) there is no such double click issue (nor js script from CDN added in the source) from the default templates and components. I guess this is probably the result from another manipulation.

Please, try with a blank new project to be sure of the situation.

Opening a new blank Bootstrap 4 page in PG5, there is nothing in the code referencing a CDN. You must have inadvertently added this.