Dropdown links not displayed

Since we are a translation agency, I followed the “How to create a language dropdown with flags in Bootstrap 4” tutorial. However, clicking on the language selector didn’t do anything, even w/o the flag icons.
To check whether this is due to the tutorial files itself, I created a new page (in a new project) and just added a navBar element. Again, no menu items displayed on clicking on Dropdown link. I expected the three default menu items: Action, Another action Something else here.This happens for Bootstrap 4 and 5. Is this a bug?

Hi @BBergerac is JavaScript enabled on the page and bootstrap.js included? Also jquery for BS 4.

If that’s the case, please paste the code of the dropdown menu.

Good morning,
The dropdowns in ComponentsTutorial work fine.
JS is enabled in the browser and bootstrap.js is included (Bootstrap 5 page).
Unfortunately, I’m not allowed pasting the code here; I also can’t attach a text file. So I made a screenshot of the complete page code (there’s nothing on the page, just the navBar). It’s quite easy to reproduce: add a new Bootstrap 5 page and drag the navBar on it. Your help is really appreciated, this is a critical feature.

@BBergerac is JavaScript enabled in Pinegrow?

If the dropdown doesn’t work in the browser, do you see any errors in the Dev tools console, such as missing resources or JS errors?

JS is enabled in Pinegrow. There are some errors in Chrome:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
Entwicklertools konnten Quellzuordnung nicht laden: Inhalt für (Developer tools failed to load source mapping: Content for…) http://localhost:40000/assets/js/popper.min.js.map: HTTP-Fehler: Statuscode 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE konnte nicht geladen werden
Entwicklertools konnten Quellzuordnung nicht laden: Inhalt für http://localhost:40000/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js.map: HTTP-Fehler: Statuscode 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE could not be loaded/konnte nicht geladen werden

But from your screenshot it seems the dropdown should already work in Pinegrow not in Preview.

@BBergerac I’m unable to replicate the problem. Please send your project to support@pinegrow.com.

well, in German it says that it’s missing
if that helps

Which I think is a Bootstrap … thing.
not sure of versions etc. 4, 5…

and here is a Wordpress flavoured solution.

there are also references to it missing in some UI kits, if your using some of those (which have seen been fixed)

here is an old one from the Material Design For Boostrap site.

So are you using any other libraries, UI things etc?

Having said that… @matjaz is looking at it now, so I shall be quiet. He’s rather good at this sort of stuff.

@schpengle .map files are just a helper for debugging JS and CSS files. They are not needed for the correct operation of the website.

ah cheers. yes, the map bit got me ,the rest of the file name I thought Id seen with Bootstrap and I saw that he was using (or mentioned) BS 4, so was wondering if it might be something to do with that or with UI kits etc for that framework.

Right, thank you, Ill look up map files as, yes, they are new to me.