Stop dropdown menu open when site opens


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I have a website (Bootstrap 4, Dropdown js) that when I open it, a dropdown menu appears open
what’s happening and how do I stop it happening
don’t seem able to find the answer doing just a quick google search


You will need to provide a live URL so the problem can be seen.


Thanks for responding!


Hi @RustyRiley I’ve just checked it on my computer and phone and it’s not doing what you’ve described. Try clearing your cache and see if it changes the behaviour you’re getting. Let us know how you get on with it.


Thanks for trying

I’m surprised you can try it on your phone at all, because the hamburger menu should immediately appear – with no dropdowns appearing – that’s how it happens on my phone.

Have re-tried immediately after clearing cache – it happens on both Chrome and Ff at least.
And it’s not as if I’m “dreaming” it up – see here

there’s a lot mobirise can’t do, so I’ve moved on to Pinegrow, and others

thanks anyway, but …


could this be an example of FOUC – or is it just a bug?


Well… on my iPhone, it’s 100% fine. See the video here:

So it’s more a PEBCAC than a FOUC imho :slight_smile: (I’m joking of course)


it doesn’t show up on phones — where the hamburger appears
but it does show up on larger displays where the navbar extends across the full width of the screennew-site-opened
still getting used to this forum’s tools, but if those images have uploaded correctly, you’ll see what I mean
moving from the older pink desktop to the newer green one


maybe that didn’t work too well, can only see one file
here’s the first againstart-old-site


and here’ s the middle oneopening-new-site


those were snips taken from a video – a previous forum I was on only allowed images, not videos


You appear to have the class “.open” applied to that menu item when the page loads. I loaded your live page in Pinegrow and took a look. See the attached screengrab. Your other dropdown menu items do not have this class applied when the page first opens. I’ve circled it in pink.