Duplicating CSS Rule in a Different CSS File

Is anyone having issues with duplicating a CSS rule in a different CSS file? For example, right clicking a rule in the ‘Style’ tab to bring up the menu, then selecting ‘Duplicate in *.css’.

This normally works, but since upgrading to 5.5 it now doesn’t. Tried this in several ongoing projects and it doesn’t work in any of them. Ordinary duplication in the SAME file does work as normal.

Maybe this is a bug in 5.5?

Problem should be fixed in 5.6 (as far as I quickly tried it out).



Thanks Thomas,

I remember you from the Freeway forums! I purchased some box model tutorials from you if I’m not mistaken. Are you involved with the Pinegrow team in testing and development?

I like Pinegrow as a web design tool and have been using it to put together Bootstrap-based larger projects. I still like full WYSIWYG apps - my favourite is Sparkle, which is great for quick landing pages, in spite of it not being capable of ‘responsive’ design. It has some impressive tools to get results quickly.


MAtt :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

long time no speak :slight_smile: I’m very glad having some former friends here (they’re rare though). I always having had the hope that some “BoxModel(er)” will get the step ahead - I’m happy that I didn’t fail entirely.

Ahm - no, I’m not related to the PG-Towers at all. Just a pretty normal user.

PG fascinated me from the very first moment. I’ve been drawn to attention by another Box Model subscriber - who said something like: Both apps paired would be a perfect match.

My very first thing I did was, to prove if the taught GridMeister (a later version of Box Model) will work in PG, too. It did - even easier so I went on and ended up in an own PlugIn - which I named Reginald - the Magic Grid. Kind a alter ego, somehow.

This PlugIn makes (for me) any WYSIWYG-editors superfluous - literally. Point is, that none of those editors (nor any current framework) on net really covers the core of “Responsive Design”.



Hi Thomas,

was / is Box Model a website builder app? Can’t find anything online about it.


Hi Matjaz,

:slight_smile: No - it isn’t at all. Box Model was the “semantical wrong syntax” for a pretty easy thing:

position: relative;

or inflow-construction in FreewayPro. We simply haven’t had a better name for it. I later called it GridMeister - too late to be honest.

But FreewayPro is the mentioned app that had a lot of cool things in it. The concept is totally different though - because FreewayPro as an app with a native file had (has) kind of a processing (pre/post).

The “PlugIns” there, called Actions written in JavaScript, had the chance to step in at the time of generating the code.

Allow me an example:

Google Maps

You applied the action to a div of your liking. A context window appeared where in you added the required stuff - hit CMD-P, and all of a sudden, Freeway put the required code stuff to the dedicated place(s). This was convenient - easy - simple.


Unfortunately, I’m not aware on how to get something like this into Pinegrow - or if it is even possible. But if so, I could see an endless number of unobtrusive lil helpers for the basic PG-core.



Aha… Thanks Thomas :slight_smile:

That’s very similar to how PG actions work (in Actions and WP panel). Will do some thinking about this over the summer.

I too am having a problem duplicating a CSS rule to a different CSS file. Specifically a Media query from bootstrap.css to a style.css file. If I right click the @media line, the sub menu comes up with the selection to duplicate to style.css, but nothing happens. If you right click the rule itself, that will duplicate but without the media query along with it. I’m pretty sure this worked in the past.

I can confirm the same issue in PG 5.6 but with me it’s limited only to Bootstrap 4, to double-check I opened the style.css in Visual Studio Code and the sheet is empty. then I checked with Foundation and with UiKit 3 and with this both frameworks all works OK so it’s just Bootstrap that doesn’t work.

I should mention I only have tried this with Bootstrap 4 which my current project requires. Thanks for confirming the issue.