Edit existing website or start a new one?

Hello for my first post!
I have an existing simple website that I created several years ago with Dreamweaver MX (yep, that’s how long ago it was made!) and I want to make it Responsive. Thus I’ve just downloaded Pinegrow to see how it works and here is my question. Can I simply make my existing pages Responsive with a little tweaking in Pinegrow or am I better off starting fresh and just make a new site with a lot of copy 'n paste from the old site? I assume there are pros and cons for both ways? Thanks and look forward to being here…

Hi and welcome @windspeed,
You are exactly right thinking that there are pros and cons.
You could likely make your site responsive with some media queries, but you might also have to fight a design or implementation that wasn’t “meant” to fit to a really different sized screen.
I guess this decision is likely based on how comfortable you feel putting together a page and working with Pinegrow. If you feel pretty comfortable, I would start from “scratch” and use CSS grid/flexbox to make your life a lot easier. Start with your mobile design in mind so that you can gracefully decline toward it. (With grid I usually design desktop first, rather than mobile-first).
Good Luck!

i had a website that was designed in a proprietary design package (NetObjects) and was not at all responsive.

i didn’t get very far down the road of conversion before it became very clear that it was going to be more work that it would be worth.

but i also didn’t want to wade into a framework like Boostrap, i just wanted my code to be simple and understandable to me so that i could maintain it and tweak it where i wanted to.

the biggest hurtle i had to jump was understanding how PG works with Master Page and Components, but once that clicked it’s all been pretty easy… and i had to learn CSS grid, and how to do nav menus without javascript at the same time.

my vote would be to start from scratch so you understand what you have created and you are not tied to a proprietary software suite.

Thanks to both of you for the advice. I figure I’ll have to start afresh eventually so might as well do it now and save the time wasted in trying to convert.

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I moved to Pinegrow from Dreamweaver last year. Love it. My website was so old it was still using tables and cells. :slight_smile: I rebuilt it from scratch using Bootstrap 4. Containers and rows work just like tables and cells, only responsive. I designed around a desktop layout and the rest took care of itself. https://www.fishingnoosa.com.au

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You brought back bad memories of how I had to convert from FrontPage to Dreamweaver and then to Pinegrow over the years.

The problem with the proprietary code is having to extract it all. At least now I’m working with a common standard. So, I concur about starting fresh. You may wish to pull code into Atom or something so you can clean it up first.

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