Looking for online help in modifying an existing site in Pinegrow

Good day. My name is Dave and I have started the process of modifying a circa 2000-era website I built (using Macromedia Dreamweaver). Here is the site:

I am not a coder. I was using Rapidweaver for a few years and built three web sites with it. They are all gone and this is the only one I have left.

After buying Rapidweaver and Stacks last week and doing lots of research and asking questions, I have abandoned the idea of a total rebuild. Instead, here is what I need: online development help and coaching to:

  1. Modify and clean up some pages.
  2. Add some new links on the home page that will take the user out to some Google blogs.
  3. Being able to add NEW pages to a specific section of the site called The Guest Gallery.

I’m sure for an experienced Pinegrow ace this is child’s play. For me, I’m willing to pay American money to get this set up and get me going so that I can resume to slowly expand the site and continue to showcase the modeling work of my members.

I’m retired and have a flexible schedule. If this temp gig sounds like something you’re interested in, please let me know!–DR


Sorry, I can’t offer my services right now, but I needed to comment:

This is a really cool “vintage” webdesign!

I see you gave up on rebuilding it, but you have indeed a very old type of coding. I guess any professional would tell you that it is better to update the code even if you want to keep the design (I would arg in favor to keep it, because it shows how much time you are on this).

One of the main benefits of a new code is you could have it responsive for mobile devices. Also, on the point you decide to update the code, you could consider adding some functionalities to some componentes (like a filter to the extensive list of links), but surely it is not mandatory.

In summary, my recommendation is to keep the design, update the code.

You should only keep the code as it is if you are really tight on budget.


It’s not just budget, but a desire to be able to make modest changes myself, and not being a coder, with limited desire to learn all the new technologies out there since 2005, I want to keep it pretty much intact. Then there are these other reasons:

Here’s a summary of what I think:

  • I’m targeting an audience of 50-70-year-old individuals, primarily computer users, with a focus on desktop compatibility rather than mobile.
  • I have have a preference for desktop applications over online tools like Wix and Wordpress.
  • I’m looking for moderate changes, cleanup, and possibly a few additional features without a total redesign.
  • The 73 GTO Odyssey and the Bad News sections will be moved to Google Blogger, reducing content on the main site.
  • My site is non-commercial and serves as a passion project for a niche community.
    *** Most interaction and activity occur on the Coffin Corner discussion forums.**
  • Updates to the site are primarily focused on the Guest Gallery, with occasional one-time additions.


Those are nice considerations and you should not give up on them.

Said that, I friendly still arg in favor to you consider back to update the code, because mainly:

  • You won’t need to drop support for desktop users
  • If well thought, it can make it even simpler for you to update the content.

For example this piece of code in your site:

  <div align="center">
    <font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" color="#99ffff" size="-2">
      <a href="http://www.showrods.com/home_page_links/what_are_show_rods.html">
        <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">
          <b>What are "Show Rods"?</b>

Could become this:

    <a href="http://www.showrods.com/home_page_links/what_are_show_rods.html">
        <b>What are "Show Rods"?</b>

Where the syles are set in other place. This means the content itself should be more easily to read and to edit the content.

About other topics in your considerations, I will highlight your age audience. It is very much probably that you have some visitors that still use old versions of browsers like Internet Explorer. So your dev have to keep this in mind, since most of us (I guess) are dropping support for those browsers.

Since you are willing to keep the forum and the news in other platforms and also you want to keep the design as it is, it shouldn’t be a long work.
Hope you find the right dev for you!

That example you gave intrigues me. I’m gonna move ahead with my plans for now, but keep in mind that example of what can happen by modernizing. Thank you.