Editing Pinegrow Blocks (Gallery)

A question for the experts on JS editing -The pinegrow created blocks (gallery/selection of my work) are very slick, however I want to add additional gallery items, so for example, one of the blocks has sections

All / Artwork / Creative / Nature / Outside / Photography

What sort of level is required to edit this gallery, add sections, gallery items, basically create a larger gallery, suited to a photography website, as I know you can duplicate items (from the tree) yet this doesn’t work for the gallery, which I guess is due to the JS?

Has anyone attempted this yet?

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Hi Jaffy,

It’s not relative to JS, but rather CSS references, here is how you can go about it.

For Example:

Galleries / Bootstrap Blocks - Gallery 1-1

To add more categories to the List

  • Duplicate, then modify as needed (as discussed below):

  • “List.filter” (for all) or “List.item” (for singular)


To add more images to the Grid:

  • Duplicate, then modify as needed (as discussed below):

  • “Column.isotope-gallery-container”

Ok now we have some things duplicated for use.

Now in the “List.filter” (List):

Edit code:

For each “List Item” , change the text to your desired category and also the “data-filter=” to include the proper category(s)

Now in the “Column.isotope-gallery-container” (Grid)

Edit code:

For each “Gallery Item” and change the “gallery-item-wrapper” to the corresponding category associated that you set in each “List.filter”

Refresh the page and Test Clicks, all should be working. :wink:

Obviously you will still need to change the images, descriptions, links, etc., and everything else associated with each “Gallery Item” as well. But I assume you already understand that part.

Hope it helps your efforts and gets you headed forward with things.

Update: See the Update below. :point_down:

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Update: Or simply “Search the Documentation”. :nerd:


Now you have a video and a write up (since I myself sadly didn’t first search).
Oh well hopefully my write up explains it to match the video?


Actually the video gives an easier method by using Edit Code: on the actual “List.filter” to change the “data-filter=” for each all at once, it’s 2am here sorry, need sleep. :wink:

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Many thanks Pinegrow User!

I need to stop making assumptions and blaming JS! Every days a school day :grin:

You’re welcome.

Obviously the link to an overview of all the Pinegrow Bootstrap Blocks is here.

Interestingly in looking further, it seems like they are derived from Bootstrap Starter Kit:



However, based upon the DEMO at Bootstrap Starter Kit, it looks like they are not updated to include all the added the blocks, provided in the latest version. Which would be nice for Pinegrow users, as well as other provided block additions as well for use.

I am a little curious about the licensing now, I assume Pinegrow worked something out with Bootstrap Starter Kit for inclusion into Pinegrow?

Pinegrow User you should move into digital design investigation lol

When I started to edit my websites manually using atom, I did notice the index files included reference to themes, this may explain why when creating pinegrow blocks, the text mentions we don’t have permission to create templates to resell or offer for free (which is fine with me) - If I move into theme selling, I will only sell themes created using my own blocks.

edit: found the answer on their website

> _"Wherever you buy Bootstrap Starter Kit from, it is provided with a_

_ basic Standard License, unless you have specifically purchased an _
Extended License.
The Standard License allows you to create websites for yourself or your clients.
It does not allow you to create templates for sale or to upload as free templates."

Returning to this thread, I should say that regardless of who originally created these blocks, the work involved in making them available (through Pinegrow) is much appreciated.

The blocks are a great way to create the structure of your website, but in terms of their appearance, if I showed you 4 of my current example websites, you wouldn’t know they each started with Pinegrow blocks and I prefer to use my creativity, rather then rely on being handed new blocks each release.

I’m now at a stage where I need to start saving my own blocks with Pinegrow, so I may just upgrade (to pro) as I know many have said its complicated, yet having all my blocks saved in Pinegrow would make life so much easier!

I was merely pointing out their origin, I have no issue with it.

Likewise I think it could help some to have more starting points. Pinegrow is an excellent app that can benefit many skill set levels: Beginners, Further Learning HTML, CSS, Developers, Wordpress Folks, CMS, Etc., Etc. Blocks are just one aspect of all that, but could also help to bring on board an extended user base of new users when coupled with a more mature cleaner and easily approachable UI/UX.

[quote=“Jaffy, post:7, topic:244, full:true”]
if I showed you 4 of my current example websites, you wouldn’t know they each started with Pinegrow blocks and I prefer to use my creativity … [/quote]

Show them! :wink: I think that’s the point though, also why those Blocks are from/called “Starter Kit”. You certainly see a lot of cookie cutter sites however where people don’t express creative freedom beyond the basics, either for a lack of effort or required understanding.

You wont be disappointed with going Pro.

Pinegrow_User, wasn’t having a go at you buddy! was Just saying - didn’t want to give the impression we had an issue with the starter kit’s origin - if truth be told I thought the pinegrow team created these blocks from scratch!

And yes I will show my websites soon, I think we should all show our work, i’m just putting final touches to my designs - I’m actually busy working on a website for a charity (that I’m building for free, as I’m a nice guy :grinning:) and once completed, I will create a thread in the lonely showcase category :fearful:

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I think you have to turn js off to edit any elements

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