Equal length Columns

Hi All,

I have a row with 4 columns - each with image and h3 and text - I want the columns to be of equal length regardless of content - can some one help on this please

Can you post a link or screenshot? Bootstrap columns stretch to the height of the row, which is determined by the tallest column. If you add a background color to the columns, as I’ve done in the attached, you can see what I mean…

@Simmo I’ve done similar as Printninja using BS4, 4 columns with image, h3 and text and I’ve add a different background colour to each column so you can see their lengths and they are equal height. Maybe it’s a BS4 thing! Are you using a framework? If so which one?

mmm I wonder if he means, of equal length, which is specified, and if one contains shedloads of content and would be much longer than the others, then its actual size is constrained by that length and that the content must scroll within?

Just wondering.
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@schpengle that’s a good point and if that is the case then set a height on each column and set the Overflow to Auto, see screenshots:

See scroll bar in right hand column.

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