Error on javascript:void(0); links (Test clicks enabled)

When the option Test clicks is enabled I’d like to test all buttons, but:
Pinegrow doesn’t correctly open links where javascript:void(0); is in the href attribute.
Pinegrow thinks javascript:void(0); (a href value) is a file and seems not to understand the javascript.

When I click on a button with javascript:void(0); in the href attribute I get this error:

File was not found

The file javascript:void(0); could not be read. The error reported was undefined.

Reasons for the file not being found could be:

Pinegrow doesn’t have permissions to access the file.
The file is located on a network share with strange access path (tell us if that’s the case)
Using semicolons ;, ? or # in file path is not supported.

Looks like one for the development, support and design team of Pinegrow. Can they look at this? Thank you very much in advance.

@LowerSaxony - send an email to outlining your issue - some will get to you from there

Ok, I will see if that helps and I’ll post the solution here for others.

javascript:void(0) is not a very critical error, it sure is an irritating to encounter. When you encounter the javascript:void(0) error it most probably is an indication of an error stemming from your browser; which in turn blocks you from accessing a particular website. The root cause of the error can be traced to a resident pop up blocker in your internet browser. Also, it may be triggered by a proxy server if you are connecting to the internet through proxy.