Pinegrow 4.1 freezes upon opening page

When I open an HTML document, (a certain one), the program freezes, and has to be force closed. Has anyone else experienced this? I get an error message about not being able to connect to reCAPTCHA server, is this related?

Can you try to deactivate JS and see if its ok? (THE TOOLBAR)

Commenting out the relevant script (call to reCAPTCHA) stops the freeze, but this is not convenient.

Still, this is useful feedback if you want to see some improvements in the next release of Pinegrow.
Can you please contact us so we will ask you for more details.

My sites are all heavily JS dependent, so if this program can not even open a page with a script on it, I’d have to say it’s not very useful.

Rather harsh.

I think @Emmanuel just wanted to further diagnose the issue with more information and possible sample files through direct communication with you. To help see if it was file specific, widespread, etc., at which point a fix could be determined and issued. Obviously you stated commenting out the reCaptcha addressed the issue, so possible minor changes to the JS handling could be implemented so it works correctly.

Please, help them help you and in turn it will help everyone.


I don’t intend to come off harsh, but I’m not the most patient person, I admit.

Below you will see the only references to scripts on the page in question:

<link href="scripts/colorbox/colorbox.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />
<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src=""></script>
<link href="images/favicon.ico" rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" />
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="images/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">
<!-- blocked <script src=''></script> -->

And further in the page:

<!-- blocked <p class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="6LeSdRkUAAAAAI_sHMCzdOL8dOJMhOwKeCYtOESN"></p> -->

Where I inserted the word “blocked” is what eliminated the freeze.

Latest version of Pinegrow, Windows 64-bit.

We will have to wait and see if @Emmanuel or the staff has some feedback.

Out of curiosity though, does the source from this example work without issue for you ?

Also if you disable the other resources on your page or create a new file does the recaptcha work on its own with the same setup?

I am able to open the document you linked to without issue. I think the error message about reCAPTCHA was misleading, since I still get that. Going back to the original document at issue, I re-enabled the CAPTCHA scripts and started removing others. Removing the following allowed the document to load normally. This is a component inserted by Dreamweaver at the end of the page, not terribly important, but definitely a problem.

<script type="text/javascript"> 
function MM_preloadImages(){var e=document;if(e.images){e.MM_p||(e.MM_p=new Array);var t,r=e.MM_p.length,n=MM_preloadImages.arguments;for(t=0;t<n.length;t++)0!=n[t].indexOf("#")&&(e.MM_p[r]=new Image,e.MM_p[r++].src=n[t])}}function MM_swapImgRestore(){var e,t,r=document.MM_sr;for(e=0;r&&e<r.length&&(t=r[e])&&t.oSrc;e++)t.src=t.oSrc}function MM_findObj(e,t){var r,n,i;for(t||(t=document),(r=e.indexOf("?"))>0&&parent.frames.length&&(t=parent.frames[e.substring(r+1)].document,e=e.substring(0,r)),!(i=t[e])&&t.all&&(i=t.all[e]),n=0;!i&&n<t.forms.length;n++)i=t.forms[n][e];for(n=0;!i&&t.layers&&n<t.layers.length;n++)i=MM_findObj(e,t.layers[n].document);return!i&&t.getElementById&&(i=t.getElementById(e)),i}function MM_swapImage(){var e,t,r=0,n=MM_swapImage.arguments;for(document.MM_sr=new Array,e=0;e<n.length-2;e+=3)null!=(t=MM_findObj(n[e]))&&(document.MM_sr[r++]=t,t.oSrc||(t.oSrc=t.src),t.src=n[e+2])}function MM_showHideLayers(){var i,v,obj,args=MM_showHideLayers.arguments;for(i=0;i<args.length-2;i+=3)with(document)getElementById&&null!==(obj=getElementById(args[i]))&&(v=args[i+2],,v="show"==v?"block":"hide"==v?"none":v),obj.display=v)}function MM_showHideLayersInline(){var i,v,obj,args=MM_showHideLayers.arguments;for(i=0;i<args.length-2;i+=3)with(document)getElementById&&null!=(obj=getElementById(args[i]))&&(v=args[i+2],,v="show"==v?"inline":"hide"==v?"none":v),obj.display=v)}function setActiveStyleSheet(e){var t,r;for(t=0;r=document.getElementsByTagName("link")[t];t++)-1!=r.getAttribute("rel").indexOf("style")&&r.getAttribute("title")&&(r.disabled=!0,r.getAttribute("title")==e&&(r.disabled=!1))}function getActiveStyleSheet(){var e,t;for(e=0;t=document.getElementsByTagName("link")[e];e++)if(-1!=t.getAttribute("rel").indexOf("style")&&t.getAttribute("title")&&!t.disabled)return t.getAttribute("title");return null}function getPreferredStyleSheet(){var e,t;for(e=0;t=document.getElementsByTagName("link")[e];e++)if(-1!=t.getAttribute("rel").indexOf("style")&&-1==t.getAttribute("rel").indexOf("alt")&&t.getAttribute("title"))return t.getAttribute("title");return null}function createCookie(e,t,r){if(r){var n=new Date;n.setTime(n.getTime()+24*r*60*60*1e3);var i="; expires="+n.toGMTString()}else i="";document.cookie=e+"="+t+i+"; path=/"}function readCookie(e){for(var t=e+"=",r=document.cookie.split(";"),n=0;n<r.length;n++){for(var i=r[n];" "==i.charAt(0);)i=i.substring(1,i.length);if(0==i.indexOf(t))return i.substring(t.length,i.length)}return null}$(document).ready(function(){"use strict";$(".modal_page").colorbox({iframe:!0,width:"800px",height:"90%"}),$(".modal").colorbox({inline:!0,width:"90%",height:"90%"}),$(".navblock").colorbox({inline:!0,width:"90%",height:"90%"})}),window.onload=function(e){var t=readCookie("style"),r=t?t:getPreferredStyleSheet();setActiveStyleSheet(r)},window.onunload=function(e){var t=getActiveStyleSheet();createCookie("style",t,365)};var cookie=readCookie("style"),title=cookie?cookie:getPreferredStyleSheet();setActiveStyleSheet(title);</script>

Investigations in progress.
Thanks for the feedback.

@guyonearth we can’t replicate the issue with just the code snippet. Everything loads ok. Must be a combination with other things on the page. Can you send us the whole project?

Page is at I’m planning to replace this site and am trying out some new editors. Pinegrow is new to me so this was the first page I opened with it.

At present I am not able to duplicate the original problem either.