First site built entirely with Pinegrow


This was a my test bed for learning the program. Unfortunately, I started with Bootstrap 3, and in the middle of the build, Bootstrap 4 was made available. I used a few third-party javascripts more as experiments than necessity. It took a little while for me to understand how to use certain features of the program, but I feel I’ve got a pretty good handle on it now. Any advice or suggestions would be warmly appreciated.



Nice job on the structure of the site, great little touches of color and mouse overs etc.

A couple things that I would suggest would be:

  1. Check your image links and all the rest of your links to be sure you have no totally dead ones. I didn’t check all of them, but I did find that the 2nd photo in your Kitchens Gallery doesn’t function for the lightbox effect, doesn’t load it. I’m of the mind, if there’s one there’s probably more so I would suggest checking through them all to be sure.

  2. If you’re going to include the domains of your company(ies) as web designer I would highly suggest you redo your site to reflect the more up to date site standards to make it responsive. Both of the sites you list in the footer are not responsive and have a very old fashioned look to them. Just a suggestion here, but when you list them, many will check them out to see what type of work you do, galleries of portfolio etc. and that says a lot about a web design company … goes to work on her own now that she spouted off her mouth hahaha. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for that catch on the photo. There were actually two typos in the code (now fixed!) I’ve checked all the others.

100% agree on your second point. The shoemaker has no shoes. Those sites are both over 8 years old, and haven’t been touched in ages. (cringes)


It looks excellent. The only thing that caught my eye is the logo in the menubar covers a large percentage of the slider in the middle resolutions. Might make it smaller in the breakpoints. Great job!!

You might think about adding max-width: 46px
to #header-1 .main-nav .navbar-toggle
in the custom.css file on line 140 to keep the toggle from covering the logo.


Good idea. I will do this! Thanks!


Nice build!
Is this a Sample build or a client’s?
If client’s I assume you are still fleshing it out.

  • cause from a customers point of view and for SEO SER Search Results, on a quick viewing I didn’t see a location, region, state etc. anywhere on the site.
    The META info needs filling out (e.g. ) and Image Alt tags etc.


Thanks, and yes I am still fleshing in out as far as all the metadata and SEO. Thanks for the advice.


There are two things coming up to my mind:

  1. The Carousel

Whoever came up with the idea, device-widths stopping at a certain value (up or down), he may fail.
Having to do with the max-witdh: 100% attribute. I have a 27" iMac seeing things like this:

  1. JavaScript Libraries

I might be wrong here, but do you really mix jQuery and Prototype, loading both resources?
If so, why? It could be (but does not necessarily need to be) the reason for the JS warnings (mistakes).




Hmmm… the carousel issue seems to be something specific to Bootstrap 3, because in Bootstrap 4, this issue is not present. I’ll have to look into it further when I have some time. But thank you for pointing it out!!!

Regarding the mix of libraries, yeah, I got a little sloppy just adding in different third party components. This site was a bit of an experiment on my part. I wasn’t really focusing on “best practices” like I should.

Thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated!


How do you make header static on page load, and body changes to other pages in pg?



You would be better off posting your question in the “Beginners” category. This category is for showing websites built with Pinegrow.


I changed the max-width to just width: 100% and it works even expanded across both my 27" monitors and sizes proportionately.