When does Pinegrow 3.0 come?

Do we have to wait for bootstrap 4 final?
This can take forever, the step from the bootstrap version alpha 5 to the alpha 6 took at least 4 months.
Please give me a hint of hope, we need an optimized user interface, so that the tool can finally be used optimally in daily workflow.
For rapid prototyping currently I change always between sublime text, bootstrap studio, pingendo and PWD, but this is not really effective.

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@fishmi I’d imagine that part of the problem is if the PG team decided to include Bootstrap 4 now while it is still in alpha then anytime it BS updates during its development the PG team would have to divert some of their efforts from PG development to support BS for example they are currently busy working on PG3.

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Please excuse my impatience.
I am just frustrated about the fact that until now there is no program for rapid html prototyping that largely meets my needs.
I know that there are enough tools for rapid prototyping that produce proprietary html (Axure and Co.), but of these programs I finally want to get away.

fishmi, I believe the work on the upcoming update is going to make PInegrow more user-friendly for all, rather than any delay due to Bootstrap v4 (although I could be wrong).

I must admit, I’m surprised at how many people have issues with the interface, as I find it easy to use, for rapid development of websites or mock-ups, however I design 100% with CSS rather than graphical mock-ups, so I have that advantage.

I just hope PInegrow and it’s team never feel pressured into including proprietary html, or if they do, they will offer two set-ups, one for those that need proprietary design and another for those that prefer to work with clean code.


What is proprietary html? Do you mean CSS identifiers and classes?

What is proprietary html? Do you mean CSS identifiers and classes?

Proprietary HTML is HTML that is generated only for the presentation of a concept, but that can not be used for the development of the website. For example “Axure” produces HTML code that has nothing to do with modern HTML programming, no “clean” HTML, very special HTML, CSS Code and Javascript Functions, not reusable, only for purpose of a wireframe. This is no criticism, Axure is a great tool.


I just hope PInegrow and it’s team never feel pressured into including proprietary html,

I hope this too, for example Adobe Muse generated HTML and CSS code which is far away from clean code, it is intended only for website dummies (which is, of course, also a target group).

however I design 100% with CSS

100% CSS is of course a very good approach. I would say for me it is a mixture of bootstrap or foundation snippets and CSS manual work.
This CSS manual work I would gladly do in PD, but I still find it too cumbersome, the Chrome Developer Tools are much better in ths case, but unfortunately there are buggy and strange to handle.

Yeah I guess the CSS manual aspects can be cumbersome at times but I got used to it, I think this is because of my linux background and having to accept interfaces being different, although that has improved with the popularity of Linux.

I’ve always viewed proprietary html, as html that is needed by software to build a page in a way that is designed for people who want to drag and drop elements, place them on a page and this can only be achieved with proprietary html? unless things have changed from the days of NetObjects Fusion and Frontpage?

Pinegrow has some of that which gets saved out in the files but it is more CSS identifiers or classes that only it uses.

I couldn’t think of what you were talking about with proprietary html, now it makes sense. I know we had discussions about it in other threads in the forums here. I think it would go against what they said Pinegrow was created for, to not inject anything into your code. Will see when version 3 comes out and updates.

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Thanks for asking :slight_smile:

We’re all focused on shipping PG 3 as soon as possible. That said, compared to v1 and v2, for v3 we’re not making any compromises in terms of UI usability and core features like new drag & drop, multi-select, full support for CSS/LESS/SASS, working with multiple device sizes etc.

In the process we re-developed large parts of the app.

Most features are in place now and we’re implementing the new UI and design. As soon as we have that in place we’ll share more details here.


Those are exciting tidbits on features and progress. It’s good to hear no compromises are being made. I’m eager to see the results of your labor and vision for the app. Thanks for sharing @matjaz and to the entire Pinegrow team, keep up the great work everyone. Thanks for the time, talents and efforts everyone is putting into v3 to make it a success.

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I remember making a comment that much of the app would need to be redeveloped to improve the usability, so PInegrow could attract more users and hopefully this will help individuals realise PInegrow doesn’t require deep programming knowledge, as I have seen comments from people who reviewed the software, suggesting the software is only for advanced web processionals.

Is there a way to become a beta tester? :slight_smile:


Good idea :slight_smile: I’ d like a try also

It would be time to wake up, and get out of the more regular updates DevOps because the you will get yourself eaten by competitors,

“Bootstrap Studio”: has ergonomics, and a better style
"Macaw": also works very well
"Pingendo": is a cat pee

“Dreamweaver CC”: integrates the responsive Bootstrap
And your worst enemy is Adobe if they come to reuse a “Muse CC” that works

You should now get ahead! And go to the modern web in AgularJS 2 or ReactJS; And a more modern WordPress (Visual Composer, …); Bootstrap 4, “boilerplates” modems configured to start projects …

It’s just my personal opinion, not to take badly, I love your software

None of the apps mentioned above are as powerful as Pinegrow in terms of full site development , although I agree the UI could be prettier but unless people start to take an interest in learning code, even with a more user friendly interface, they are still going the struggle with certain aspects of building a website.

I love using Bootstrap Studio but their team focuses on the one framework its awesome for building blocks. Maybe we’re in for a surprise with Pinegrow 3 which will be sexy looking?

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And there are some other competitors:

Coffeecup Bootstrap Builder:
a program with good approaches, but unfortunately just as unergonomic as PG

Visual Composer produces proprietary html, but has interesting operating concept.
Bootstrap Studio has a proprietary File format, you always have to export the pages, no good solution.
Pingendo 4 has a very good operating concept, but i miss some important features, for example libraries

In my opinion only PG has all prerequisites to make everything right.

I recall reading an interview from @matjaz who said the software was originally built for him and his team, to speed up the process of developing websites, this would explain why the software differs from any of the apps mentioned as virtually all software we see on the market is built for end users first.

Personally I’m happy with all current features of the software but I would be interested to know what people are hoping for with the release of Pinegrow 3, to see if their expectations are realistic.

I thought today was the day when I noticed the PInegrow site was being updated! :cry: