First time building a Website with PINEGROW

Hello Pinegrowers.

I invite you to watch Samuel Gregory trying Pinegrow for the first time.

Samuel has just discovered Pinegrow. He hasn’t seen our documentation, examples and tutorials yet but he is a regular user of Webflow and in this video he tries, for his very first time with Pinegrow, to reproduce a web page.

If you have any advice for him, don’t hesitate :slight_smile:

Note: This is the second video of Samuel about Pinegrow, here is the first:

Your comments are also welcome on this one :slight_smile:


It’s an interesting feedback for you PG developers concerning a persons experience with the UI / UX beyond the information sent by the analytic feedback gathered from within the Pinegrow app.

The initial video of the first experience somewhat reminds me of this other persons initial experience - a bit overwhelmed and confused (of course generally common when trying / using a new app).

But Samuel seemed to at least give it an actual fair attempt and offer valid feedback. So I’m curious if he will do more videos or more with Pinegrow. Though he mentioned various times the UI seems clunky and not as intuitive in various ways compared to Webflow.

He did say “PineFlow” multiple times, so he’s probably not moving from Webflow anytime soon. :wink:

Certainly it’s food for thought for the PG Devs. Maybe he will like the PG Designer app better someday compared to Webflow, if / when it releases.

Yes, for us it is very interesting to observe Samuel using PG. The text editing improvement from the latest release is a direct result of that, among other improvements that are not out yet. We appreciate his interest and perseverance and have reached out to him directly.


I see the UI / UX feedback and general struggle continues.

Including guest star RobM.

Though there is quite an interesting plot twist in the comments.