Where to start?

Hi all -

I had Pinegrow some time ago, but never really got around to using it… just re-purchased the WP version today, and am eager to get started, but am not sure where.

The WP part is what made me re-purchase, but I need to familiarize myself with the basics.

I have some HTML and CSS coding experience, but mostly in the form of tweaking content created by Adobe GoLive. I also have some experience managing a Wordpress installation, but not in creating themes or custom content.

I see older videos that are probably still relevant, but figured I’d ask since many here are certainly more familiar with what’s available.

Any help appreciated!

Hi @andrew,

Welcome to the forum and once again to Pinegrow.

I would suggest:

1.) Go through and watch all the little videos on the Pinegrow home page, they will give you various little nuggets of information about the app and UI.

2.) Then take time to read the Official Documentation: https://pinegrow.com/docs/

3.) For Wordpress you can watch this video series:

You may also be interested in the Pinegrow Wordpress Smart Actions:

Plus the Documentation about WP Smart Actions https://pinegrow.com/docs/wordpress/actions/smart-actions/

Also be sure to look at the Wordpress Starter Theme (v2)

4.) As for general HTML, CSS, JS inquiries, have a look through MDN as needed:

As for older documentation and videos you come across, yes that is still the case in areas. This video may provide a bit of clarity between version 2 and version 4 when seen in those instances:

Hopefully something helps your efforts, but don’t rush, instead take your time and familiarize yourself with things – you will thank yourself in the future.

:evergreen_tree: :hearts:

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And, depending on your learning style, reading manuals, videos, talking , aural etc
here, have a link to a pile of videos in no particular order if you like to dip in and out and get your interest piqued in things

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I have recently moved from adobe muse to Pinegrow and am very happy with the new app. It allows me to edit templates and add content where required and make fantastic websites easily. Thank you for making this excellent product. Version 5 is a very nice bit of software.

The way in which I am learning to use Pinegrow is by making websites from templates although there is an excellent overview and introduction to Pinegrow on the YouTube channel. Thank you for providing this product and for your help.

I am going to try to provide small websites as a freelancer and hope to use your software as the cornerstone of my business.


@Jim delighted to hear your enjoying Pinegrow and I hope it enables you to grow your freelance business. If you’ve any questions just ask and hopefully as a group we’ll be able to help.


Welcome aboard @Jim :slight_smile:

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I have recently learned how to use master pages in Pinegrow and am happy with it.

What I would love to do is make Wordpress sites so I will be looking at resources to practice this starting tomorrow! Has anyone thought about making a book to go with the app or a Pinegrow 5 online course? It looks like a lot of buttons to make it go! (I know there are YouTube videos on the subject and I may start with them!).

To start with all I would like is to make an editable Wordpress page within a website for people to upload their own documents - as I provide websites for several parish councils.

@Jim Lots of learning material https://pinegrow.com/docs/, check it out. It’s 1:20am here but I’m happy to follow up tomorrow with you if that’s okay. In the meantime you might find this link to be helpful PG + Wordpress

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Wow - thanks everyone! Great info here. Really a lot to look at… cheers

Hi, I recently built my first Wordpress theme using Pinegrow, took me two or three days. I worked through the excellent “Pine Adventures – Creating a Wordpress theme without PHP coding” two or three times. First as an overview, then using the site example site, then working it into my own design. Using Smart Actions made the process straightforward. Also given I know pretty well nothing about PHP I can testify you can do it without in Pinegrow.

One thing I would recommend is that you set up a local server like MAMP on a Mac (not sure if they do a PC version) or XAMPP on a PC. It makes deploying and testing very easy as it will all be done on your own localhost instead of uploading it. It really does speed up learning as Pinegrow and MAMP can be set to work from the same set of files.