Moving from from another editor to learning Pinegrow

I have just joined and have the free trial, I have been trying out editors, pinegrow is number one on the list so far. With my last web editor that I used there was a large community help of third party sites. I have searched and searched and cannot find any other pinegrow help sites. Since Pinegrow has been going 20 years I thought there would be an established community nothing is coming up in google apart from reviews for me. (note I mean third party sites not the help forums that pinegrow provides. Are there any third party websites specific to Pinegrow? I am wondering why there are not right now. Is it frowned on or what? I learn best when I teach, so I am used to writing tips and tricks and how to’s etc with the old editor i was using but its defunct now. I need something that caters for responsive design and will be frequently updated and is not based online, I want to learn and write about it as I go.

Many thanks for your help.

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Welcome Tina,

Besides these forums, there is a slack channel … but it seems even less active than here.

this collection of 3rd party plugins has been passed around among the PG fans here

but it doesn’t seem to be a social hub of any kind, so probably not exactly the audience you are looking for.

PG is a powerful tool… i’m guessing those using it have their head down doing something important… unlike me…

Together with other PG users, we have created a facebook group trying to fill this gap you and many other people feel.
For now, it is a small group with very little interaction but it is there… hoping to see it grow in the feature.

Pinegrow is less of a “builder” and more of an editor. Of course you can build websites with it, but it doesn’t cater to people who don’t already have a good understanding of how websites work (HTML, CSS and Javascript.) So while there are questions and answers here pertaining to some of the features within the app, the UI, etc, there isn’t a lot of support in the sense of a site like Stack Overflow, where the community actually explains how to accomplish things in terms of writing code/markup.

Essentially, Pinegrow is best for people who already know how to build websites by hand-coding, and are looking for an easy way to speed up the process by using a visual interface to see what they are doing in real time.

I don’t FB… def not my cup of tea! :tea::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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it’s just a group …not about fb or whatever happens to be the platform you use to communicate…

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@red-rosefields… uh-hem!

It is so totally about FB, because unless you have a FB account you can’t participate.

Too bad you didn’t choose more neutral waters, like fire up a bulletin board on a server. Or, get together and develop your own own software to run your own.

Congress would like to eat young Zucky-babe for lunch. He’s learning, but he ain’t no Solomon.

FB is unstable. You should always be 100% in control of your assets as much as is possible.

I get your point and sentimentally I might share the spirit of it but I don’t have the time nor resources to approach things in such a way.
Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.

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Hi @Tina. First of all welcome to the Pinegrow community and I hope you find its meets your needs. Secondly no there is no restrictions/limitations regarding third party websites and everyone and anyone can add to the overall knowledge around Pinegrow. So feel free to create tips & tricks, etc. and share.


Tried doing that here, but the PG forums only accept uploads in image formats… no document formats are allowed, not even .txt.

So i uploaded my tips & tricks file to the slack channel instead.

Ok so let’s ask @matjaz to add this in the official page

" Pinegrow is best for people who already know how to build websites by hand-coding, and are looking for an easy way to speed up the process by using a visual interface to see what they are doing in real time."

"Pinegrow doesn’t cater to people who don’t already have a good understanding of how websites work (HTML, CSS and Javascript.)"

Beginners please you better stay away!
Advanced users, feel at home

What do you say? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::wink:

I think that one of the great things about PG is that it is fairly straight-forward to use. Not a lot of idiosyncrasies. Any tutorial out there that is about HTML, CSS, or JS is essentially a PG tutorial. Yes, there are some tips and tricks to increase workflow like @droidgoo has posted, but “non-experts” can still utilize the wealth of tutorials that are platform agnostic out there on the interwebs.


I think a notice like that would discourage people who are perhaps looking at Pinegrow as a way to learn or improve their HTML and CSS skills. The program isn’t necessarily “unfriendly” to beginners, but it’s certainly not as simple as using one of the pure drag-n-drop type builders that don’t really give you access to the code, like Weebly or Wix, or even Mobirise. Of course, those programs limit you in how much you can customize their sites.

A person who is totally unfamiliar with using frameworks, who doesn’t understand the DOM or box model, breakpoints, creating CSS classes, responsive design, etc… is going to have a hard time building a website in Pinegrow. The Pinegrow tutorials will help, of course, but really you need to learn how websites are built with code to fully take advantage of Pinegrow.

Only my opinion.

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Hand-coding is best for people who hand-code.

Remove double negative: Pinegrow caters to people who already… (much better).

Need punctuation: Beginners, please, you better stay away!

Missing a call-to-action: “feel at home”???

What do I say? I’ll be nice… it is never going to fly.

Who are you going to get to pay for the wall that you are trying to build?

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beginner PLEASE!

ba-dum-tum - tisss!

Oh yeah - 20 years of Pinegrow - … sweet memory :zzz:

But wait! To me, it feels like it’s even less. In fact it feels like being two years or so. But that’s just because I’m getting old and older. And time is going fast and faster.

@Tina Is it a secret, or which one did you use? It might be of advantage knowing this - just to have a better comparison to what Pinegrow offers.



erm… 20 years? REALLY?
LIKE 1999? I don’t think so either.

or…to be more specific,

one year in from the initial Y combinator, word of mouth launch… is here

i do hope tina is not basing her choice of PG on it’s official “antique” status.

it has a lot going for it, but age isn’t one of them.

Pinegrow is actually 5 years old - but behaves like a mature 20 year old :slight_smile:

We actually have the tagline “Visual Builder for Professionals” in the title of the home page.

Many people use PG to learn about web development. It’s a good tool for that, with code + visual tools combination.

Running a trial is the best way for people to discover if PG is for them.