Fixing a plugin

Hi there, I bought a theme that came with a plugin. However, to my dismay, the plugin doesn’t work it’s magic as it should because of some bug. The worst thing is the company went bust as well - it’s really a double tragedy.

However, I read somewhere that we are able to fix plugins with PG. May I know how to go about it? And erm… is it going to need a miracle for a newbie whose only knowledge of plugins is the name itself? Well, I do know some HTML but that’s about all.

If it is not possible, what options do i have? Is it expensive to get someone to create a plugin?

Hi @kohjonathan. I think anybody who might want to help will need more info about the plugin and what the issue is in order to be able to help out. Can you provide anymore information on the situation?

OK Rob, thanks for the reply. I will try to provide some screen shots next…

What is the name of the theme/template, the company it was from, as well as the plugin name?

Yep, I would need to know the name of the plugin.