Warning Plugins for Pinegrow

Today I purchased an other $18 plugin for Pinegrow at https://pluginsforpinegrow.com/
Again I noticed errors in the plugin. I wrote Bernard Hanna @benhanna before with other issues and got no reply.
His lifetime update promises never materialized in new updates. So this is a warning to stay away from that website, because there is something wrong there for sure!

Hi David

As mentioned before a major revamp is in the works that will be beneficial to all users, I can’t release an update on plugins featuring hundreds of blocks based on one users particular requirement wishes or every time someone comes across something they would prefer an alternative to. I am just one guy and a lot of work has already been put in to them. But they are noted.

If there are major bugs a needed update for a premium plugin will always be released as soon as a fix is found. There are no major bugs on the premium ones but room for improvement certainly.

The navbar blocks you mentioned do work.

Here is an example of Navbar 5

Please use the support forums on the website for ticket requests.

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I think this resolves your issue with @benhanna not replying. So next time I hope you give these people a bit more slack because they work on improving things all the time, and punishing them like this to “be nice in public” doesn’t do it for me. Especially not after I’ve always been kindly helped by any staff of Pinegrow.

Second, can I ask you; why did you purchase another plugin if the others didn’t work as well? That’s odd isn’t it? Buying broken stuff?

No it doesn’t!
Still got no reply to my ticket of 2020/04/01 10:03:59
Don’t you think that’s a bit late.

Because I hoped to draw his attention and seeing the replies on the forum now it finally did!
Well wordt the $ 18,/ I spent.

I’ve sent in multiple errors in the CSS I discovered and got a reply about future updates that I’m waiting for for a year now. I think that’s not a reasonable time! If you think that’s a normal time schedule for updates fine, I don’t.

OK I got a detailed mail from Bernard with information about the updates and why they are still in the make.

Communication is everything in a situation like this!

At least now I know what the situation is and the future plans and are looking forward to the updates.

Gentlemen (@AllMediaLab, @benhanna, @BonoBoos) , I think everything has been said and there is no need to expand on this subject any further.

For any complaint, support, request for help related to plugins and extensions from the https://pluginsforpinegrow.com/ service, please contact directly their support system: https://pluginsforpinegrow.com/support/

However, we understand that sometimes making a bit of noise on other places helps to move things forward, on one side or the other, and we hope that this will be the case for the reference case.

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