Floating panel not movable

Floating panel bug? I can not get it to relocate from the top left of the screen. I can resize it, just not relocate it.

Pinegrow 7.92
MacOS Sonoma 14.3
Apple Silicon.

CleanShot 2024-02-01 at 15.05.21

Hello @Malachiman ,

Thank you for your feedback.

Indeed, this is an issue that we recently identified and that appeared with the latest version of NWJS (a component that we use to build the app.) that we introduced since Pinegrow 7.92.

If a fix is not included by then in NWJS, a temporary solution will be introduced with the next Pinegrow update.


Thanks @Emmanuel, late reply on my part, but I did reply to your 𝕏 comment, and then saw your reply here. So its best to email bugs than report here in the bug section of the forum?

@Malachiman Do as you wish :slight_smile:
We actively monitor all our social networks, but perhaps with a bit more latency than everything that arrives in the support email inbox.

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Thanks @Emmanuel for the info.