Pinegrow is 5 Years Old - And it Has a Multi-Screen Gift for You


It’s Pinegrow’s 5th birthday this month!

To celebrate, we’re releasing Pinegrow 5.1 with the top most requested feature: support for using Pinegrow on multiple screens.

In Pinegrow 5.1 you can open panels in floating windows.

And you can place these windows on multiple screens or desktop workspaces. This feature will greatly increase your productivity with Pinegrow.

Watch our short video to learn more.

That’s not all. Pinegrow 5.1 comes with latest Bootstrap 3 & 4 tools as well as other improvements and fixes. See release notes for details.

Get Pinegrow 5.1 »

Pinegrow 5.1 is a free update for all users with valid licenses. If your license expired already, you can renew it for another year of updates.

In case you don’t have Pinegrow yet, you’ll get a fresh trial with 5.1 release.

Have a great day,
Matjaz & the Pinegrow Team


LOVE this!! Thanks for your great effort to keep us ‘grumblers’ happy. :grinning:

OMG, I truthfully didn’t think it was gonna happen. This rocks! This SO rocks!

Okay, I finally got time to d-load and install 5.1 with great anticipation since my number one feature request since V4 has been multi-monitor support.

So it is with great sadness that I must give the new floating panels feature a “not ready for prime time” grade. :slightly_frowning_face:

At first everything seemed perfect as I floated and moved all the panels into position, just where I wanted them on my three monitor Windows 7 setup. Great so far! A dream come true!

Then, I tried minimizing Pinegrow and restoring it. Argggghhh!!! The main window came back as normal, but all the panels were missing.

Okay, so I tried restoring the workspace, what I got was some of the detached panels minimized and stacked on the main Pinegrow screen, and others moved to the wrong monitor. Easy enough to drag them back where they belong. No problem… I just won’t minimize the program.

Next I tried using the Windows “show desktop” feature. This is something I constantly do while building a website because I’m always jumping back and forth between folders, programs, etc. It’s pretty much impossible to build a site without leaving Pinegrow from time-to-time to check things in a browser, or FTP something, use Photoshop, etc. Unfortunately, trying to go back to Pinegrow resulted in the same problem. All the panels were again gone. Restoring the workspace resulted in the same thing… some panels minimized on the main screen, others moved to different spots.

If restoring the workspace by clicking on a saved layout actually put all the panels back where they belonged, it might be a tolerable problem, but this doesn’t happen. They just appear minimized and stacked in the middle of the main screen, with the message to “restart the program if the layout blah blah…”

NOTE: Sometimes, if I try restoring the workspace a couple of times, it will eventually sort itself out and put the panels back where they belong, but this is not a usable workflow.

Shutting down the program and restarting will restore the workspace the way it should be, but doing this every time I jump to the desktop is simply untenable. Unless the floating panels can survive the program being minimized (or showing the Windows desktop) the feature is, I hate to say this, almost useless.

Another minor issue is that the state of the code view does not survive from program instance to instance. Anytime you restart PG, the code view is not displayed by default. I realize this is the former normal behavior in 5.0, but now that we can use multiple monitor real estate, the code view should be able to stay open all the time, like any other panel.

Hopefully what I’ve described here makes sense (I’ve attached a pic to illustrate), and is not limited to my particular system (in which case I’ve got big problems.) I am able to float the panels in all my Adobe programs to other monitors, and they work without issue, so I suspect it’s a PG issue, and not my system.

Hate to be the bringer of bad news, but it is what it is. Hopefully the devs can shed some light.

Okay, I just saw on Slack that someone else has reported this issue, and @matjaz acknowledged it as a bug to be fixed shortly, so I will wait with baited breath.

We fixed a lot of floating windows related bugs over the weekend and will release 5.11 on Tuesday. But it would be great if more people would test the release before it goes out tomorrow. So, here is a beta:

If you can, please take it for a spin today and let me know if you discover any issues.

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OK! now got to my second monitor! it feels REALLY wierd using 2 I have to admit.
And one of them is actually a smal flat screen TV and I have just realised how aweful the resolution is :frowning:
so now playing, while totally rearranging the room - after having gone to pick up a pile of New (2nd hand) office Furniture for my GeekOrium - in order to go for it in a new office space with all this web stuff - and the new multip panel Pinegrow! :slight_smile: …but now might have to get a new monitor.

I know what I am after with regards this is to be able to view ALL styling factors for a an element /page at teh same time.

ie, Framework styling in one panel/pane/fish/whatever, (ie, bootstrap)
Stylesheet styles in one (For each Applicable stylesheet? or jsut one main one with others in a pane/fish)
Visual Styles View in one etc - I suppose very much like read probably identical too @Printninja’s layout above. that seems the most logical to me for Pinegrow useage, where we are encouraged to drag elements to the tree when it gets a bit hairy and stuff explodes.

Two issues Ive noticed, when moving between my two TOTALLY dissimilar resolution monitors (17 inch MPB and … a flat tv, 20 odd inches. Beggars cant be choosers!)

are these.

  1. one right clicking on elements, the blue pop up menu positon seems dependendant on WHERE you click on the line - and this would make perfect sense I guess if that pane/panel/window/hamster was located within the BIG window, but alas, (yay! I mean) it no longer is, so that it goes pear shaped. and you have to do multiple r clicks till you can see it. Maybe make it default to one side or such like, or resize when then hamster is undocked?

  2. when resizing my main PG window onto my aweful 2nd monitor then dragging it back/resizing, I loose the top icons. they are KIND OF there… hidden behind the main page view.
    If i resize again, they appear but the right hand side is a bit mangled.

and, to explain, here are TWO (not just one!) SPECTACULAR Video Productions, to prove these very points.

Right CLikcy

Who stole my Icons ? oh! there they are!
This happens when I guess the Main window is quite narrow (compared to some of your monster monitors)

Other WIse, fabulous development :slight_smile:

Also, as an aside, would it be possilbe to EXPORT/save your layout settings?
So that say, you could then… shock Import it! from someone else?

Say you really liked someones layout/workflow, you could then borrow their layout, under the impressiont that you would then become as prodcutive as them… and wake up crying in your soup of course, but I digress…

And a biggie.

I just got it layed out just how I wanted it (yeah)
thought I would use Restore layout, AFTER I had save the layout.

All gone Pete Tong! (Wrong in Rhyming slang he is /was an excellend BBC Dance/mix DJ)

I now have one main page layout and all the winowpanepanelfishhamsters stacked one on top of each other, in little squares.

Goes to drink tea and cry while eating chocolate biscuits.
OH! Chocolate!
Ok, everything is fine agian :slight_smile:

HI, chocolate gone, so here is another one.
It has taken until now to finally replicate @Printninja’s layout.
with some bugs :slight_smile: and my crappy 2nd monitor resolution.

So here you go.

SOrry for delay, that vid just broke youtube.

One panelfishmonkeyhamster obstructs another , unless you click in the Magic Place
Also, when it is hidden before clicking its special little place… it obstructs pop out side bars on my mac
that is the Snagit recorder, pop out sidebar tool
gah the usual incorrect crap about the file being too big…when it isnt. after failing to upload twice.

ok let me faff about
ok now Youtube is being a donkey and says editing takng longer than expected so your video has been queued

Ok enought of this already.

I will add it to this when done.

Also, another one.
When clicking on the states of an object, is it supposed to take a couple of seconds, like nearly 3 to show the state?

this video (oh god , please work)

Just confirming that thsi beta still looses panelfishhamsterwindow positions
on closing, saving anything.
they all stack back in one square after.

This is on mac El Capitan.

I’m wrong… after several restarts I noticed that I only had ONE littel square window, but that if I stretched it out… it contained 3 of my PanelPinehouds! woo hoo
I also had to RESAVE it prior to this discovery as one of the previously saved names and then noticed it worked.
Yeah! could be conicidental.

but I also noticed that, in My particulare config, one of the panefrogs, which contained 3panelhamsters originally now only show2
BUT if I stretch it out a littel bit. TADA!
its there.

Oh god this is exciting. I can see all the damn stylying madness at the same time.
thanks all.

NB …its a pain in the a** at first as I didnt realise that you can drag the TOP tabs to teh SIDES of the panels, in order to have MULTIPLE views.
This really should be stressed more, or have standard layours like that or
I should learn to read more… cough

here is how it appears… mm I wonder if I can do multiple screen …screen capture of different resolutions… sound damaging.
So lets try!

no that didnt work so here is a picture of just the right hand screen layout as I’d like it

then after closing and restarting PG I just get the *open file, url project, main page view panel with my thumbnails on the left screen . this Image of the right hand screen is not to be seen.
Ok, so lets open a project!
The one I had open previously.

ah! ok, nope its lost it this time, I am now presented with everything in the left hand window looking like this

so now lets open the same file I had open.

Nah. stays the same.

so lets try restoring my previiously saved layout.

Hell yeah!

left .screen,

Right screen - a bit empty, but lets select an element.

oh yeah, but still no code editor… so let’s hit Cmd +E

Yes! it remembers its previous position even though it doesnt appear until you invoke it with Cmd +E
for some reason

So this time I didnt have either the reduced to a Small square window of all my tabs/fridgesticker panels.

and when it appeared it actually resized.
SO, its pretty close but a little glitchy.
this is the first time its more or less worked, with the exception of the Code editor view.
BUT I am having oddness with the CMD+ Tab actions, swapping between apps (I seem to remember that back in Version 1.15, it used to do that. It would treat the COde view as a seperate app window and it took an extra tab to switch to whatever you wanted to see - confusing - but then the code view got built it - unfortunately then undeneath :frowning: I could no longer see my code alongside. boo hoo)

Now, last thing, is there a way to view the open files ALONG SIDE each other?
not in seperate tabs? (I also realise that being able to ARRANGE THE ORDER of these tabs would be great. if tis possible Ive never managed it , apart from closing each code view of a page and then

Inevitably , I get the order wrong and have to try again.

but the main thing would to be able to see the WHOLE page code view
and a WHOLE CSS sheet code view.

Simultaneusly. ALong side each other or one under the other . IM not fussed.
IF possible please do tell/show :slight_smile:

ok im tired now, nearly 2am.
not written a single line of not even pseudo code…
but that was fun: )

5.101 is still not working correctly on Windows 7 x 64. Showing the desktop kinda works (two out of three monitors) but the program no longer minimizes. It just flashes when I click the icon.

Pinegrow 5.11 is out. Most issues that were raised here should be fixed, except restoring not being 100% correct and the glitch with overlapping select dropdown.

@schpengle thanks for detailed report and super-human effort :slight_smile:


I tested 5.11 and most of the issues I have raised have not changed, still the same as 5.1

Windows 7 x64

Will get back on it again v.soon. Just had to move sofas between rooms. So large, had to go out through a window and back in the front door as couldnt get sideways into hall!
house now an upside down Tip and hope to get it sorted and really go for this tmrw.
My Geekorium is Nearly there now! AND…has a 3D printer in Situ. Woo hoo.shame about everything else here.

Still having issues with this multi-screen implementation. Specifically, the code editing panel seems to sometimes not work. I haven’t been able to consistently reproduce the problem, but basically sometimes when I try to edit the HTML, I’ll open the code window by clicking the </> icon at the top of the PG window, and then when I try and edit the code, the cursor won’t appear. I can see the PG program icon in the Windows taskbar sort of flash as if it’s trying to switch to the PG window but can’t.

I can correct the behavior by closing the code panel and then opening it again.

Five years and… FIVE SCREENS!
Yes, FIVE !!!

You have NO IDEA the furore that Pinegrow’s multi screen capability has brought into my life.
I now have TWO screens for my MacBook… (ok, so one is on a hinge and fixed to it, but) and a Flatron …something …by LG…about 20 inch. nice shape its nearly square…
TWO on my old PowerBook, G4 PowerPC Mac! (667MHz and a whole GIGABYTE of ram! ha!) yeah, one built in and. on a hinge but I count it :slight_smile:

and a FORTY INCH BEHEMOTH… fixed to a wall! PineUberGrow Display…but
I only have ONE adapter for the MacBook Pro and it can only connect to the sh(t(set little screen of them all - which doubles as a TV for normal people (who are they?) and so has great resolution.

And the old Powerbook? Sheesh, that can connect to ALL of them, via its DVI to VGA adapter.

AND… I now have a cabled network in my house! oh yeah
Off… a neighbours WiFi… via a hacked DD-WRT Router, set as a repeater bridge… with one of its cable outputs going into a TP-Link PLT (Power Line Technology) sending the borrowed internet, over the Electricity from the crappy little lean-too Plastic Kitchen on the back of. the house to the


In the Front.

Where, it BLOSSOMS into …a recycled NetGear High Speed switch.


Truly a work of a GENIUS…Not… a mad man…

… I said NOT!@… a mad man.
And all because …Pinegrow has…mulit …monitor…support.

This has taken me weeks!

and I have just been rewarded with 5.2
oh yeah and Pinegrow totally loosing my previous multi screen layout pattern.

oh! and FIVE external Hard Drives and 2 Docking Stations…

Man, I should be living in a country where this kind of sh(t is appreciated… :smiley:
oh and finally… my old Cambridge Soundworks speakers arrived from Ebay today.
Four point one system. yeah… er…with a dead power supply. Curses.

But I really only wanted the extra 2 satellite speakers… they work :slight_smile:
They are old but… sound fantastic. Look pretty crappy too, but I listen to them, not look at them.
right, lets get on with some tutorials/work then is it?

I had the infamous Linksys WRT54G router that I installed DD-WRT on. Best router I ever had until I upgraded my broadband to 100 mb/s and the router couldn’t keep (I maxed it out around 50 mb/s but it was getting VERY warm, and it has no fan.) I probably still have it on a shelf in a closet somewhere.

Yep! That’ll be the one then :smiley:
And Yes, its a fab tool. borrowed off my web hosting mate. It sort of hung around for a while (like over a year) until I finally figured out this mad system. It now brings the Internet into my home… From the Sky!

It’s like magic , isn’t it :smiley:

and 100MB? Sweet jesus, after this upgrade I have managed to get the odd 16MB or so. wow! upload, not so good, about 0.4, 0.6, it tends to be around 10:1 ratio from what I’ve seen , so I was hoping for around 1-1.4MB upload. not done any FTP ing yet, just er, gaming :smiley:

and that is like playing Call of Duty whilst stuck in treacle.
A bit like the lag on this typing…

But I’m writing this on my 667Mhz, PowerBook G4 :slight_smile:
I have to use Ten Four Fox on this , is the only available version of a browser that is still viable on the PPC Architecture, that I know of that is still updated.

ITs a fork of Firefox, by a purist PPC Geek. :slight_smile:

oh yeah, and it DOESN’T SUPPORT CSS GRID yet either.

So, when they say And implement fallback for older Browsers, Yep, I know just what they mean.

You can even check out the rest of their software,
on a Traditionally built Minimalist website