Pinegrow Floating Panels minimize when i click on other windows


i really love pinegrow, and i wanted to try a new screen setup which include floating panels on one of my other screens. The problem is, that pinegrow hides those floating panels when i click into an “non-PG” window.

There already exists a thread about this problem from last year, but no solution was found. I cant belive that this problem exists for so long without being fixed.
Here is the thread: Is there a way to keep the pinegrow multiple screen windows maximized? - #9 by Akayy

Is there a solution to this?
thanks in advance

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Hi @_mo,
As far as I know, this is a problem with NWJS, which is the framework used for the Pinegrow app. Much like some of the non-standard handling of file dialogs, there isn’t much that can be done.

Hi @RobM ,
thanks for your lightspeed reply.
Really sad to hear, i would have absolutely loved this feature.
But still, this doesent change the fact that pinegrow is by far the best web editor out there.
Thanks so much,