Foundation col and rows being thrown off on desktop browser

All my rows and columns are being thrown off by images in cars folder so I have extra gutters. This is Foundation. Is the sale button,–main the a problem?
Suggestions please.

@kat Check the image sizes, some of them are different and it might be what is throwing your layout. You might need to specify a width/height.

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Just resized all from 550 to 400, missed the BMW. Resizing help.
Problem still with motorcycle and Datsun Z, both 400x400.

Cols/rows seem okay when I view it now. This is what I’m seeing:

It only happens in those 2 places when I extend the chrome or firefox browser really wide. I deleted cache. Possibly a media query for over 1200 and change the col #s?

solution was to change to large-12 and add large-centered from <div class="columns large-8 large-centered">
Looks very old fashioned but it works. Now to center nav and footer.

OK to use css grid and interactions with Foundation?

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@kat Sorry only just seeing this now, I’m glad you figured it out.