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Free Courses on Udemy --- Kind of Russian roulette!


Here you go!

THIS LINK HERE! -250 free course links, but with a lot no longer active

From 2016 yeah?
and it said most of them are already dead?

MOSTLY DEAD Web Dev :frowning: links Ive checked them but these ones are I found these still ACTIVE! woo hoo

Try Angular JS (1.5 from 2016)

Build a Twitter Lke App with Django

Deep Dive Django Core

Wordpress for Beginners

Wordpress with with No coding sorry guys! but there might be some useful stuff in there for someone.

Build an unofficial Udemy marketing website with Wordpress

And from the other Topics posted I found these

30 Days of Python I know @red-rosefields likes that topic :slight_smile:

Unity Mulitplayer make a shooter Game

so you guys can check out the links as I’m not going to check them all as I dont know who is interested in what, and how many are still active. so play away and good luck! :slight_smile:

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kill me before such a thing…:slight_smile:

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