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Howdy All,
I just posted a similar request for help in the CSS sub-forum asking for help in rounding up decent learning resources for CSS and so I am here to post this request for decent learning resources for javascript. I don’t know $#1@ from Shinola about javascript, but I have had Turbo Pascal, Assembler, and C programming experience in the distant past. I’m looking for javascript primarily as it pertains to Bootstrap, I figure at least, so as to get up to speed. At some point I will want to likely look at taking some of the Wordpress php plugins that I was using and replicating their duties on my website as javascript. If possible, I’d like to be able to program an entire website including search functionality that will run in a web browser without a web server so I can just zip up the website and share the whole enchilada with people that way. As you can tell by my profile photo, I’m over the drinking age so please don’t hold back on suggestions.

Thank you,

I posted in your other thread the CSS and Javascript courses I recommend, I have gone through a lot and they are the best for paid courses I can recommend. I also gave you a few Youtube channels for free tutorials and brief tips and tricks but they don’t teach all you need to know, which is why I recommend paid courses. Saves tons of time, seriously.

For your need for Javascript related to bootstrap. I would recommend against trying to learn bits and pieces to try to fit in with what you want just for the immediate project. You will not understand a lot of things and will hit your head against the wall due to lack of understanding. Javascript really isn’t something that you can learn bit by bit you must have the basic foundational knowledge in the first place.

There is no such thing as Javascript only for X. There is Javascript and either you know it or you don’t.
If you sort of know it and try to create something you are going to create a bunch of crap that sort of works but you don’t know why.

If you are going to do anything with porting or recreating something like wordpress plugins for a non-wordpress site… You are going to need to know at least moderate level Javascript. The courses I recommended in the other thread gets you to Advanced in about 3 or 4 days if you are dedicated 100% of your time to learning.

You are going to need to know PHP which is a backend server side language and does not run in the browser like Javascript. For that you WILL need a server and probably a MySql or similar database.

You can create a static site with some dynamic features like search but for that you must use some sort of flat file database of some sort. Either your own via JSON or XML flat file or one of the noSQL or other flat file databases out there.

You can use a server and provide all the files and export a SQL file to upload to the server to propagate the database and tables for the user. You will have much more ability and features you can code this way.

It is good that you have some prior programming knowledge. Understanding proper computer science logic and laying out programs helps tremendously. Knowing at least one programming language will really help in learning others. C specifically will allow you to understand most of the C based languages like Javascript and PHP far better from the get go but is not required.

None of the languages you mentioned in your OP has anything to do with the internet or creating web apps so take that stuff and file it away some where. They will just get in your way. Though with that said you will see similarities between the various languages you know and the ones you want to learn, the problem that may come up is that you know how to code THAT way which is NOT the same as what you want to be able to do. Some relearning may come into play, especially if you have bad habits from the past.

Need to add that there are multiple versions of Javascript and the basic version or Javascript ES5 is the starting point. You must have the foundational basic knowledge first THEN you need to learn the ES6 version of Javascript. Especially if you want to use Node.js.

Javascript goes up beyond ES20 or some such but the one you need is ES6 and you can optionaly add-on ES7 to ES9 but most of those features are not readily available in most browsers yet.

Javascript ES6 moves you into OOP and using Classes and modern day programming fundamentals.
Yes, Javascript now has classes and most common features of 21st century programming languages.

PHP is also fully OOP so if you do not know how to code in OOP then you will be learning that too.
For PHP the defacto current version is 7.1 to 7.2 though 7.4 is out now you won’t be really using that in real every day yet. If you learn PHP 5 there really isn’t much difference between that and 7, just use the manual which you can download, and look at the difference in functions you want to use. Most that work in 5 work in 7 though there are some that only exist for 7 and replace older functions in PHP 5. Mainly specific to password generation and retrieval though most everything else works either the same or similar with minor differences.

I hope these posts I shared help. I don’t have anything more I can add.

Thanks for the tip on ditching bad habits. It’s been a while, so my habits are pretty much ditched. I still remember how the logic works, how variables are set up, what kinds of variables I can use, etc… Probably just enough to serve as a decent foundation without getting into my way.

I remember when OOP was just being introduced into programming and I got into it a bit with some C++ but I’d be hard-pressed to say that I remember much of it. It’s not too hard for me to pick up some php or javascript code and follow along with zero training in the language, but I would like to get a correct education so that I’m not working from mis-beliefs and misunderstandings as my foundation.

You are very kind, @Terry44, to have taken all of the time and care to help me out and I do appreciate it a lot. What you have shared has helped me a bunch. I’m going to go make that account over at stackoverflow that both you and @Printninja indicated that I needed to get a handle on. Thanks again!

Stack Overflow is probably the best resource on the web for coders. I’ve found dozens and dozens of solutions to problems there.

@Printninja - Copy that! I’ll be headed over to make an account just as soon as dinner is done. Getting old kind of stinks as you make plans for the day and then your meds say that it’s nap time.