PAID: Udemy Web Design Courses

Sometimes “Free” just doesn’t cut it when you want to learn web design from beginner to professional in the shortest amount of time possible. Here are some Udemy courses I have paid to take and recommend for anyone wanting to upgrade their skills.

I am NOT associated with these courses in anyway and am not paid to recommend them.

Udemy Professional Courses

Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch

   If you do not understand HTML this course teaches you everything you should know.

CSS - The Complete Guide (incl. Flexbox, Grid & Sass)

   This one course teaches you everything you need to know about CSS. It does NOT teach everything
   there is to know just what you need and is actually used in the real world of professional web design.

Accelerated JavaScript Training

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training

   These three Javascript courses will get you up to speed and teach everything you need
   to know about Javascript. You will not need any further courses after these.

The core Web Design stack Html, CSS and Javascript are essential to understand if you want to design websites and/or mobile apps at a professional level. The courses above I have personally gone through and can recommend. Most of the free courses available out there do not go into the details or explain the how's and why's of writing quality Html, CSS, Javascript code like the above courses do.

Price range of the above courses: $10 to $15 USD each.

  • Udemy has on going sales and the creators of the courses often provide coupon codes that bring the price of a course down to the $10 range.