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Getting started with Foundation and its settings file to make the most of SASS



If you are starting a new project and decided to use Foundation here’s a link to an interesting video about using Foundation+SASS and the settings file to get the most out of SASS. This is a great way to get a feel for how SASS works and how to implement it.


I’m currently reading up on Foundation and the key differences between foundation and bootstrap. My first serious project is working with 5.5.3.

Because I mostly use plain html / css there is zero difference between the frameworks in terms of how I design - more Foundation is less bloated (out the box) - similar to bootstrap I can create my own custom version

I only need the essentials, as my main reason for using a framework is to speed up my design process and the responsive aspect.

The Future's Bright, The Future's Foundation

@Rob Interesting video - freshly uploaded as well!


But Rob how do we begin using this in PG??


Hi There I have just tried to compile foundation 6.4 sass files in pinegrow 4.4 and I get an error

syntax error: no mixin named add-foundation-colors Backtrace: settings:100

I can compile the same files in codekit without any errors

Any help would be much appreciated



@JonRimmertry try downloading PG 4.5 and see if it works (


Have a look here: