Good Book or Tutorial Wordpress Theme Development


What is a Good Book or Tutorial for Wordpress Theme Development?

Here is a Udemy course on sale for 10.99 normally 175.00 (in four days) on theme development with Bootstrap.

Some Books:

Some more books here. The are old but there is probably useful information in them that can be adapted.

I would invest in Digging Into Wordpress and the Tao of Wordpress. Worth the investment.




Cheers for that!

oh, how i miss

when you could download from there

I have that course too… I really should get on with it.
Cheers for the reminder :slight_smile:

And here is a rather out of date book but A LOT of the principles remain the same…
just the code/ codex … stuff will need re doing, so might drive you nuts.

however, its free…
oh and a few months too late too probably but HEY!
did I mention its free?

The best out of date things are worth waiting for :stuck_out_tongue:

I think my version is from something like 2010 … ouch, but you might find some useful stuff in it