Pinegrow courses/tutorials to build a WordPress template from scratch

Is there a full tutorial/course to learn to use the last version of Pinegrow (5) with WordPress?
I’ve only found the files of “Starter Theme 2” (for a beginner is very hard to understand from a final project) but nothing to understand how to build from scratch.
On Udemy is available a course for this purpose but it’s too old.
Any help is welcome.

I guess you can start from

Thank you, I’ll try to start form the documentation though unfortunately it’s very outdated.

While the UI is a bit different sometimes, the core process is 100% the same with V2, V3, V4 and V5.

I have found the “Pine Adventures, Wordpress without PHP coding” useful. I used this to create three working themes from never having done any before.


This might be helpful. It’s a couple of years old so Pinegrow looks quite different but it gives a very quick flavour of the core parts to creating a Wordpress theme from scratch. And it’s all done in 5 minutes!

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