New Pinegrow Course by Adam Lowe

Adam Lowe just soft launched his new course, Build a Custom WordPress Theme with No Code using Pinegrow.

Anyone who’s watched Adam’s content on his YouTube channel knows it’s top notch. And it looks like there will be some interesting, additional course content coming.

(And for the record, I’m not affiliated with Adam, I’m just a fan of his content.)


I signed up this morning. And looking forward to going through it.

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We would like to point out that the entire Pinegrow team highly recommends this course, which covers theme creation in an elegant and didactic way under the guidance of @adamslowe, who is undoubtedly a seasoned professional in WordPress and web development in general.


Thanks, Emmanuel. That means a lot to me! And, of course, thank you for putting up with my near-constant questions, feature requests, and bug reports.


Despite using PG for many years, I know I’m going to learn lots from this course so have signed up to it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Also signed up. Adam’s tutorials are brilliant. Feels good to compensate him for all his contributions.


Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the support! I have one more module left to record, but it’s being held up by this damn menu tutorial that’s been kicking my butt. I’m about to hit record on my 3rd attempt at making the video and I KNOW I’m going to get it right this time!

Menus have been the bane of my existence as long as I can remember, so I thought more people would get value from this than from all the small random things I have planned for module 8 (back to top button, etc.)

I’ll be releasing it on YouTube, and I’ll have a follow-up lesson in the course showing how you can replace the simple single-level menu with this one. Hint, just remove the existing menu and styles, then replace it with this one.


I’m looking at nearly 5 hours of raw footage for the upcoming tutorial on Building Responsive and Accessible Navigation Menus with Alpine.js. I think I need a nap before attempting to edit this monster.

I’m still pissed about having to scrap all of yesterday’s work, but I’m certain that the structure of this one is much more comprehensible. The real challenge will be getting the edited version down to under an hour!

adamslowe/responsive-accessible-alpine-menu (


Rest up Adam. Im eagerly looking forward to it :v:t5:

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I’ve been working my way through the course. I get your desire to keep it to the point with no fluff.

One of the things I appreciate about your videos is that you touch on real world use cases and that’s in short supply in my opinion. Too many videos in general do the ‘This is a heading’ thing. In particular I would love for there to be more an even more in depth example of outcomes and use cases.

So, I for one don’t mind that your videos go on for a little longer if they contain details and nuances which could benefit me in the long run. From a marketing point of view I think the average Joe Bloe equates more length with quality.

Anyway, just wanted to add my thoughts on what is turning out to be a moorish course. My eyes haven’t glazed over once yet :slight_smile:

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Five hours, that’s crazy! And I thought you were more of a one-take guy! :wink:

Just know, your efforts are greatly appreciated – I always look forward to and learn a lot from them.

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I would give anything to be a one-take wonder! Even my rough videos are massively edited to remove dead spots, a plethora of vocal flubs, demo mistakes, and to speed up my hunt and peck typing.

From start to finish, a typical 10-15 minute video takes about 4 hours between planning, scripting, creating demos, recording, editing, and publishing. It’s exhausting!


Oh, I believe it. I kinda feel guilty watching them for free! Thankfully, I did buy your course. I’m assuming there’s a greater plan for all this hard work.

If you ever think of anything you could use a little help with let me know, I’d be happy to pay some back.


Oh crap, there is supposed to be a plan? I knew I was missing something somewhere :slight_smile:

For the sake of full transparency, the “plan” is three things: 1) get more eyeballs and customers for Pinegrow so they continue building and improving the product that makes my life easier, 2) do a little self-promotion to demonstrate that I know what I’m doing from time-to-time and to generate more business, and 3) maybe get a small side-hustle going to make and sell short (less than 1 hour) mini-courses on various tech topics.


All Course Modules are Published!

I just hit publish on the last of the “non-bonus” lessons a few minutes ago. What a relief!

With all the course content published, I’m planning to make a real sales page and market this a bit. The earlybird price will be available through May 31st, 2023, and will raise to $99 on June 1st.

Learn more or purchase: Build a Custom WordPress Theme with No Code using Pinegrow

How can you help?

For anybody who has watched any of the course, I would be immensely grateful if you could write a testimonial and leave it here in this thread.

I may also ask for some other help once I have a sales strategy in place, but a testimonial is probably going to be the biggest help you can give.

What’s Included?

There are eight lesson modules with approximately four hours of content. I also included a bonus module with some of my YouTube videos that I thought would be useful as a reference.

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Welcome & Overview
  • What we’ll cover
  • What you’ll need
  • Course files

Module 2 – Concepts

  • What is a WordPress Theme?
  • Starter Theme vs. Parent/Child Theme
  • A Brief WordPress History Lesson
  • Custom Themes and Page Builders
  • How Pinegrow Creates Themes

Module 3 – Getting Started

  • Configuring Your WordPress Environment
  • Theme Templates and the WP Hierarchy
  • Identifying Theme Parts

Module 04 – The Index Template

  • Getting Started with the Index Template
  • Content Area, Loop, and Template Parts
  • Header Area, Menu, and Interactions
  • Footer Area, Customizer, and Widget

Module 05 – Other Core Templates

  • Page Template
  • Post Template
  • 404 Template
  • Launching Your Theme

Module 06 – Custom Post Types

  • Creating Custom Post Types and Taxonomies
  • Adding Placeholder Data
  • Creating a Post Template for the Employees CPT
  • Creating an Archive Template for the Employees CPT

Module 07 – The WordPress Block Editor

  • Query Loop Block
  • Contact Form Block
  • Using Theme.json
  • WordPress Block Themes

Module 08 – Wrapping Up

  • Adding custom functions and code snippets to your theme
  • Working with custom fields
  • Using 3rd party scripts such as Alpine.js
  • Adding a “back to top” button with Pinegrow interactions
  • Self-hosting your site’s Google Fonts
  • Internationalization and RTL Text

Module 09 – Bonus Material (YouTube Videos for quick reference)

  • Open in Wrapper Feature
  • External Build Process for Tailwind CSS
  • Automatic CSS in Pinegrow
  • Using Sass in Pinegrow
  • Showing dynamic mailto and tel links (To be recorded – this is something I constantly forget how to do, so I recoded a rough version for me and my team. I’m going to re-record a more polished version for you)
  • Create a fully Accessible, Responsive Menu with Dropdowns using Alpine.js (Over 5 hours of raw video recorded and being edited now – This is going to be a big one! I’m hoping to get it down to about 2 hours total)

Congrats on completing your course, I’m sure it was a ton of work! Enjoy your weekend!

I’m looking forward to the final modules. I got a lot of value out of the course and I know I’ll continue using it as a reference.

I’ll get to work on a well-deserved testimonial.


Semi started getting into this, but not as far into it as I would like to be, clients seem to want their projects completed :laughing:

Thanks @adamslowe for putting this together. Really helpful.

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Damn clients are always getting in the way of a good time…

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I just finished the mini course and I must say, great job!
The video series is brief and to the point while also providing hints on how to dive deeper. What I appreciated most was that the course combined classic Wordpress theming development with the new Gutenberg Blocks in the same sample project.

The course also serves as a handy reference book on how Wordpress works. The instructor took the time to explain the WP hierarchy, which was especially helpful for me as a non-developer.
Also, seeing his workflow and how he organize and approach the projects is interesting.

Overall, these videos have made me feel more comfortable as I plan to dive deeper into WordPress. I’m looking forward to more content. Thanks!


Thanks so much for the kind words, @red-rosefields!