Help strange names on pages in Pinegrow!


Converted a PHP website in HTML for a client to edit the site in Pinegrow. Is there any way to use other languages page names then English?

When use a multi language website in Pinegrow it doesn’t recognize words like Le-dîner.html etc. Is this some kind of setting I need to change?



Hi @AllMediaLab,
Not quite sure why, but Pinegrow will use an HTML entity for “special” characters when first opening a file, but will display the expected character once you save the file. This will happen everytime you open the file anew. It won’t have any impact on the file name.


Thanks Bob! But it is very annoying to see the names change in some cryptic language when using some French or German words.

Just create a web page in Pinegrow name it Le-dîner.htm and see what I mean. (better copy paste the name).

Are there any plans to solve this? I’m Advising Pinegrow to a client that is going to use it as CMS tomorrow morning.

I find it very confusing and not normal, never seen it in any editor I use Sublime text, VS code and Atom!

Hi David,
Did you save the page after first opening it?

Yes that works, but is it not possible to change this in the next update?

Not sure - it maybe an NWJS “issue” or a chromium “issue”, not a Pinegrow issue.

OK, but it would be nice if it could be fixed!

Have to go now!