Hide text -- nested comments possible? other solutions?

I have some text that I want to hide for the time being (might be useful later). I typically would do this with a comment in the code. However, the code has existing comments that I don’t want to remove. Therefore, these existing comments would have to be nested within the main comment. I tried this but it didn’t work.

<!-- main comment
   some code here ...
      <!-- nested comment -->
   some code here ...

Atom has a potential solution package but it didn’t seem to do anything in atom (html-nested-comments). (But maybe I misunderstand the application of this package.)


Don C.

Hi @dculp,
the best (I think) that you can do is to enclose the inner comments in some other characters besides --. Maybe substitute tilde?

<!--outer comment
    <!~~  nested comment ~~>

Any characters can be used, it is just a note for yourself and needs to be converted back when you remove the outer comment block.

RobM –

OK. I have created a macro in an external editor (EditPad Pro) to do this.